“Policemen were there when they lynched my son” – Mother of #Aluu4 victim

by Stanley Azuakola

Chinwe Biringa, mother of Chiadika Biringa, one of the four University of Port Harcourt students lynched last week at Aluu community by a mob spoke via telephone on a Channels TV program, and said that policemen were present during the killings.

She expressed her disappointment with the approach of the policemen who just looked on and did nothing to stop the gruesome murder of the four boys.

She said, “Eyewitnesses accounts revealed that policemen were at the scene of the incident. Besides, policemen at the police station confirmed to one of the bereaved parents who visited them that policemen were there.

“And the explanation they gave was that they were overwhelmed by the crowd and that they had insufficient bullets in their guns and all that thrash to confront the crowd.

“But those people were only with sticks not with guns. If they really wanted to work they would have worked. If they had done what the Joint Task Force did by firing warning shots into the air when they wanted to collect the corpses, things wouldn’t have gone awry.”

She insisted that her son and his friends were not robbers as claimed by the mob. “We don’t have security in this country. We don’t just have and our children and wards are all over the country. We are only living by God’s grace everyday, because this can happen to anybody any day.

“God knows best because nothing stops Him from doing something extraordinary to save them. But may God judge all those who had a hand in the killings.”

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  1. police is a disgrac. We don.t need them in this country. This battle is for God because those kids are dead and dat village will never see good things in their life. Also God will punish all of them that are involved in the killing. The blood of those boys will ever remain in that village and will speak.

  2. R.I.P homeboyz,so sorry.what a wicked community!! No male child will grow in Allu community.

  3. Mother God will comfort you, leave vengeance to me says him, for I will visit the iniquities of the fathers to the children. The battle is now of God. Let's just watch d law

  4. please I don't want to belive that W-H-A-T am so ashamed.so no bullet and they could not call for back up.please if this is true let the police men be identified, dismissed and they should be sent to jail for not fighting to protect life that they took oat to protect.am so ashamed of my country.my God I hope this is not true, if it is true I hope the if I had done something guilt remain and toment them for ever.

  5. Suddenly a policeman dos not have bullets to shoot nd scare dos useless Ikwerre idiots away from dos innocent children…I have always said dat a policeman is d senior broda of a Devil…God will purnish all d Olukpa's dat stood to watch dem kill dos children..God will purnish all dos useless Ikwerre women dat stood der to wat d killin of dos kids..they will never hear d cry of babies nd der children will die d same way dos kids were killed..as for d killers vulture will feed on ur bodies and dat of ur children in JESUS name..AMEN..

  6. Shame on the Nigerian Police…. so sad

  7. Nigeria police are just security personnel with black shirt and trouser which shows the color of their heart towards human.

    The Divisional police station officers should be held responsible,3 hours of parade of the kids naked before killing nothing was done.

  8. Really?? No bullets was d excuse they?? Heartless animals.! God will not let them go unpunishd. He who kills by d sword must die by it.. They wre so young. Ive not felt this much pain in a long time

  9. Nigeria police is a very big shame,N☺ bulet is their explantion when then could have saved the lifes of this young men. May God in heaven grant you the heart to bear dis great los mma. And for the killers who among you is holy?jurge not and U̶̲̥̅̊ would not be jurged,but since you have jurged the world would jurge U̶̲̥̅̊ the same way…

  10. Madam, may God grant u all d fortitude to bear this painful, heart-renching loss. I know for sure that every one who had a hand in the murders including those who cheered the murderers will wish they weren't born when their judgement begins.

  11. Not enough bullets to fire warning shots into the air or to kill the crowd??? What kind of statement is that??? Policing in Nigeria is a big joke.

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