Segun Dada: General Buhari spoke my mind


by Segun Dada

“Except there is justice in the conduct of the elections, blood will flow because there will be bloodshed between the dogs and the baboons.” This is the statement reportedly made by General Buhari on Monday, the very words that is causing a lot of commotion and chaos.

General Muhammad Buhari was also reported to have stated, that, “There is a storm of awareness and God willing, by 2015, something will happen. They either conduct free and fair elections or they go a very disgraceful way.”

In my opinion, Buhari’s statement was a conditional statement, he said IF PDP attempts to rig the 2015 elections. ‘If’ here makes it a conditional statement. I think someone is panicking here. Is there a plan to rig in 2015? If not, why fret over a conditional statement? I don’t understand.

Mr president once said if leaders do not behave there will be a revolution. Buhari said if the PDP attempts to rig the elections in 2015 there will be bloodshed. So they agree, right? I can’t understand what the hot air is all about, GEJ said his government has been infiltrated by Boko Haram, Buhari said GEJ’s government is the biggest Boko Haram. So they agree on this also?

I don’t know when it became a crime for an elder statesman to state the obvious, the general is simply stating the minds of millions of Nigerians, whether one chooses to believe it or not, come 2015, Nigerians will rise against all forms of manipulations at the polls, they will guard their votes with everything they have and when the manipulators attempt to snatch it from them, there will be bloodshed!

Instead of castigating Buhari for saying the obvious,  Nigerians should thank him for sounding the alarm early. Yes, the general has spoken my mind and that of millions of Nigerians, Nigerians are tired of bad governance!

They government should know that what we want to see is a strong statement condemning the fuel subsidy cabal not a storm in a teacup, the president should also concentrate on stopping the bombings by Boko Haram, go after the oil thieves, stop the corruption around him that is dividing the country.

We are not as clueless as they are and we refuse to be distracted.

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Comments (2)

  1. I cant imagine why they need to threaten themselves with bloodshed, when exactly are we going to stop rigging elections? They keep saying we should fight corruption, fine, we all know the fight begins from our homes but at this stage its like corruption is daring us to come fight him. They keep throwing words at each other, shying away from the neccessary.

  2. Obviously, there is something wrong with us in this nation. Jonathan's previous comments on terrorism and boko haram is condemnable by all. But General Muhammad Buhari's statement is an early call to possible alarm in the future. I see double standard here.

    So if PDP get defeated in the poll in 2015 and their thugs and money bags takes to the street and start killing can anyone justify this action. Or if PDP win again in 2015, will bloodshed be a reasonable condition to demand for justice or free and fair election.

    The statement credited to the General is unbecoming of an elder statesman or a past leader of this nation. I strongly oppose the statements of the President and I stand with all sincerity without bais or favour against the statement of General Muhammad Buhari.

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