Sheila’s on fire! YNaija Weekly Tinsel Review – Jan 16 – 20

By Joy Ehonwa

Sheila was on fire this week! First she gave Eti a sound slap which he very well deserved for paying an unsolicited visit to her matrimonial home. Then she angrily told Fred’s doctor that she needs new specialists brought in, and a more aggressive approach to Fred’s recovery -“I’m done playing nurse.”

Her anger is justified. This idea of keeping Fred in the dark has done more harm than good. He practically ordered Dr. Gyang out of his house when he learnt that Reel Studios now has shareholders. Dr. Gyang was shocked at what was to him Fred’s bizarre behaviour. Sheila had to call him back to the house and explain everything. He thinks the Board should know, but Sheila has begged for a little time, and promised that between herself and Phillip Reel Studios will be alright. We can only hope for the best.

On the bright side, Cosmos is back, and he’s glad to know that Laide is gone – revealing that she was even a worse liar than we thought.

Then Mrs. Etuk called Amaka to mock her, telling her that there is no more baby. Then we saw the evil woman at the beach throw the baby into the water. Amaka is understandably distraught, and Nero has made matters worse by dismantling the baby’s crib and taking down the decorations in the nursery. He did it to prevent Amaka from making a shrine of the place and going in to wallow in self pity, but she didn’t think he had the right.

She took his side after he punched Phillip for his rudeness, even walking Sheila, Dan and Phillip out of her house, but the crib incident enraged her so much she gave Nero a piece of her mind for – she has doubted his attitude, she said, and he has proven  her right by writing her baby off. How long before Nero walks away for good?

Meanwhile, things aren’t going too well for Shalewa. Tare turned her in to Titi K and gave the cigarette pack and lighter she found with Shalewa. Then she succumbed to pressure and went clubbing with her band members. Unknown to Shalewa, after she received a gift from Tokunbo, Shoshanna sent him a text from Shalewa’s phone asking him to come over. He did and of course his friend wasn’t home; instead he met a very angry Titi who accused him of teaching Shalewa to smoke, amongst other things. He was very hurt, concluding that Shalewa invited him so that her mother could humiliate him.
This is not good at all.

The clubbing didn’t even go as planned – Shalewa ended up throwing up on her big cousin Phillip’s shoes. He took the girls to his place, gave them coffee and a lecture, and then dropped them off. But not before the three precocious girls enveloped him in a hug. He looked so awkward, we had to laugh!

Poor Dan knows he’s always the last to find out anything important, but he’s got one on everybody now – he’s somehow connected to Nero and they’ve been communicating, not knowing their connection to Amaka. We can’t wait to find out the nature of their relationship and how long it’s been going on.

We’d also like to know the content of the article that Kwame is asking Harriet to sit on, and why he’s paying her. And while we’re on the issue, why on earth is he trying to make Soji believe that Telema killed Varere?

Till next week!

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