She’s a cheerful giver: This woman has donated her kidney, eggs, part of her liver and now offers her lung (PICTURED)

by Zara Mustapha


47-year-old Sue Gianstefani who has already given away a kidney, eggs and part of her liver to complete strangers is now trying to donate a lung.

The mother-of-one gave her kidney to an elderly man in the US, her eggs to a childless couple in Australia, and part of her liver to a 12-year-old in the UK.

Insisting that her husband and her son supports her all the way,  Gianstefani is ready to donate one of her lungs.

Daily Mail reports:

Her obsession with organ donation began in 2001 when she posted an advert online offering to give away a kidney in return for travel and living expenses. 

The ad read: ‘Free kidney, no strings attached.’

Mrs Gianstefani’s first donation was to American Larry Rosenfield (pictured) who was dying of a genetic kidney disease


Larry Rosenfield, from the US, replied. The 60-year-old said he was dying from a genetic kidney disorder, was already on dialysis, and that time was running out.


After establishing that she was a match, Sue flew to the US for the operation.


She told the Daily Mirror: ‘You don’t need two kidneys, a lot of people are born with only one. Why not give one to someone who needs it?’


Mr Rosenfield, from Colorado, had to fly to Wisconsin with Mrs Gianstefani for the operation after surgeons in his home state refused to carry out the procedure.


But following the operation Mr Rosenfield is now 73 and living an active life.


After hearing about the generous kidney donation, a childless couple in Australia got hold of Mrs Gianstefani to ask if she would consider donating some eggs to them for IVF treatment.


She donated 27 eggs, and managed to find out that three had been fertilised before losing touch with the couple.


To this day she has no idea if the pair ever managed to have children using her eggs.


Mrs Gianstefani was forced to go abroad to make all of her donations as altruistic donation was illegal in the UK until 2006 amid fears that people could be coerced into giving.

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  1. She is a Jesus Christian this is why she is donating organs.

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