StylePolice: Music Meets Runway… meets style hits and misses!

by StyleEYE

StylePolice is back with a bang! We’ve been away for a while, but we’ve been watching you light up and mess up our red carpets. We couldn’t hold it anymore – the beautiful and the plain trashy fashion and style. Before we dive in, let’s give you a tip – before you step out of your house feeling like a superstar, ask yourself this “will the panel be proud of me? “

This week’s panel

Bubu Ogisi – Creative Director of IamISIGO, and an associate founder of Bubaai, a styling company.

Dayo Ephraim – Celebrity reporter, Hip on TV

Adebayo Oke Lawal – Creative Director of Orange Culture, and an associate founder of Bubaai, a styling company.

Yemi Olowu – Fashion blogger, runway and high fashion expert, and Assistant Style Editor of YNaija.


Yemi: There are so many things wrong. There’s too much black, and those things around her neck are weighing her to one side. First, she needs to de-accessorize because it looks like she is putting on everything she could lay her hands on.

Bubu: Well I really do not know what to say about what she is wearing – it’s probably a look gone wrong. The sandals and those tights are a NO NO for me, and the two neck pieces, urgh.

Dayo: There’s just so much going on with the entire ensemble that it vividly reminds me of Sesame Street. Sweet heart, if you’re going to walk the red carpet, keep it simple and leave the feathers on your neck and those sandals at home in a box. You’ve got a great smile but your look is a huge joke!

Bayo: Too much going on here, too too much. She obviously loves fashion, but has no sense of style whatsoever.

Bubu: Yvonne Ekwere looks amazing in this Mimi Lee London jumpsuit. I adore the earrings. She has become a definite style icon.

Bayo: I love this look. Yvonne looks amazing in this Mimi London jumpsuit, perfectly accesorized, breathtakingly beautiful combo, love it.

Dayo: Vixen certainly rocked this jumpsuit. Not too many ladies can pull this look off. Love the color and the bold accessories she used in jazzing it up. And just for the record, stick to brighter colors Vixen, they do justice to your skin.

Yemi: You have to be bold and daring to rock this jumpsuit, the plunging neckline is not for the fashion jellies. Her hair in a side sweep and the accessories totally complete the look.

Dayo: I think we are done with the era of wearing oversize outfits. It’s 2011, brother WAKE UP! The look would have been a dapper one but for that oversize jacket that ruined it. This is a warning to every guy that intends to walk the red carpet, no extra puffs PLEASE!

Bayo: Simple. Works for the everyday man, nothing extraordinary but he at least looks good.

Yemi: The jacket looks like what he got married in – probably five years ago. Besides that, the dude is cool.

Bubu:  Love the shoes. I do not know about the low t-shirt neck line, but I love the blazer. Nice colour.

Bayo: Very cute combination. I adore the playsuit; she looks amazing in black. I actually love the edge she added with the tights. Good one.

Bubu: Simple and chic: that’s my philosophy. She’s radiant.

Yemi: Not a bad look at all, only that she didn’t score high in my books. I’m not sure which I have a problem with – the tights or the shoes.

Dayo: What’s with the tights? This is a woulda-been-great outfit. Lovely clutch. I’ve seen you look better, though. Better try next time.


Yemi: It’s not hard to know when a guy’s got style. The jacket fits perfectly. He owned it.

Dayo: If you’re going to rock a jacket that looks this good, then get rid of those shoes. They are just not appropriate for your outfit. And the glasses in your pocket look really misplaced.

Bubu: Femi Arogundade brought epic fashion to MMR with this amazing print jacket and the amazing murse. I love this look. And for the double ring, thumbs up.

Bayo: Very fashion forward, I’m a fan of eccentricity, so I definitely love the look.


Bubu: Different and elegant, with the Aso Oke patches. I would totally wear that.

Dayo: Hello Ruby, I’m certain you got the memo, Costume NOT! Your outfit just seems uncomfortable to me, maybe if the openings were somewhere else it would have made more sense. Try keeping it African with a little more class.

Bayo: Love her, hate the outfit – too outdated. It ages her a lot more than she knows.

Yemi: She looks so pretty, but must you wear an outfit like this? Dresses like this should be left for Muma Gee. Come on.


Dayo: Now this is totally unaccaptable. Even Lady Gaga – who I’m sure is one of your many influences – will trash your outfit at first sight. It’s good to want to stand out but, while you’re at it keep a good level of sanity to it…jeez!

Yemi: My eyes shall not behold iniquity (covering face). If they say Lady Gaga is the bride of Satan, then whose bride is this? (picking up my bible and casting out evil spirits)

Bayo: No comment.

Bubu: That long train jacket is amazing, with the gloves and the rings. Although most people won’t get this look, I totally marvel at it, with the ribbons as a tie. Now that’s FASHION.


Yemi: Sophisticated, chic. Appropriate for a married woman.

Bubu: I love the red combo Eloho is giving us, tres chic.

Bayo: She definitely knows how to dress to suit her curves. Very classy look, not exactly eye catching but still classy.

Bayo: Less is truly more. Your skirt gives your look that edgy finish and your accessories fit perfectly. It won’t take a second for you to be noticed as you gracefully stand out with your look. Nice one!


Bayo: She looks good, very clean look, the hair definitely adds that extra factor necessary for the red carpet.

Yemi: What do we have here? I can see a pretty face under that canopy of  hair. I’m distracted by the flower pattern on the dress, and the huge hair.

Bubu: Seen that fabric too many times, love the hair though.

Dayo: All I see is hair, hair and even more hair. Simple mono strap that works for you. Still think you would have looked more sleek with a different hairdo.


Bubu:  Very few people know how to rock a jumpsuit and she totally did a good job rocking it.

Dayo: Patterned jumpsuit – this looks great on you. Love how she played safe by having her hair in a pony. Good look!

Bayo:  Neck piece unnecessary; hate the fabric. Overall she doesn’t look too bad though.

Yemi: She looks like she wasn’t trying at all, effortless. I love.

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  2. Is dat a man? Im in wit remmy on this.

  3. @remmy..its actually a man not a!!

  4. Bubu: That long train jacket is amazing, with the gloves and the rings. Although most people won’t get this look, I totally marvel at it, with the ribbons as a tie. Now that’s FASHION.

    Irritante mal gusto!!!! Bubu!!!!!! How dare you call such trash Fashion???? Im really angry at that word.That woman should be chained at the village square and have villagers reign curses on her then get burnt…Then she can take those curses as souvenir to hell!

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