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Op-Ed EditorApril 12, 2021

Create your own luck | The Daily Vulnerable

Here is what I learned from my conversation with Peruzzi: Mehn, your life can change in an instant! And how ...

Op-Ed EditorApril 9, 2021

Your life can change in a second | The Daily Vulnerable

Your life can truly change in a second. Peruzzi had an emotional, very honest conversation with me about the second ...

Op-Ed EditorApril 8, 2021

Get positive energy around you | The Daily Vulnerable

Rita: I like positive energy around me. However, I am quite a very playful person especially if I am comfortable ...

Op-Ed EditorApril 7, 2021

‘I have children that I take care of’ | The Daily Vulnerable

Rita Dominic: “I may not have birthed them but I have children that I take care of; I have people ...

Michael IsaacApril 6, 2021

#ChudesBookClub: Lagos Noir | The Daily Vulnerable

Dolapo starred at him for several more seconds and crossed herself again. Then she quietly responded to him in Yoruba. ...

Op-Ed EditorApril 5, 2021

It is fine to feel things deeply, even if nobody else understands | The Daily Vulnerable

“We need art, we need artists, we need people who reflect ourselves back to us.  “We need people who tell ...

Op-Ed EditorMarch 31, 2021

“Time heals everything,” Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde | The Daily Vulnerable

“One of the greatest lessons that life has taught me is to remain calm and understand that everything will pass. ...

Op-Ed EditorMarch 30, 2021

How to spell Naija | The Daily Vulnerable

“When Titus recovered from the fever that hospitalized him all week, he returned to his Facebook page more grumpily than ...

Op-Ed EditorMarch 22, 2021

Loss will beat you down if you let it | The Daily Vulnerable

The greatest lesson I took away from the deep conversation I had with Teni Makanaki was something profound that she ...

Op-Ed EditorMarch 18, 2021

Remind yourself the things you’ve learnt | The Daily Vulnerable

Elvina: Tell us about Joy. Chude: Joy is very dear to my heart. I got my first experience of depression in ...

Michael IsaacMarch 16, 2021

Learn from the gazelle | The Daily Vulnerable

Elvina Ibru: If you were to be an animal based on your personality, which animal do you think you will ...

Michael IsaacMarch 15, 2021

Life is a tragedy if you make it a tragedy | The Daily Vulnerable

Elvina Ibru: There were so many things I learnt from interviewing Chude. One of them is this: life is a ...

Michael IsaacMarch 12, 2021

The conversation I didn’t know I needed | The Daily Vulnerable

My dear Aunty, Elvina Ibru said to me a few weeks after my interview with her: “You have been sharing ...

Michael IsaacMarch 11, 2021

There’s a way to try better | The Daily Vulnerable

Trying is all that matters in this world. I have done interviews with thousands of people and I hear them ...

Michael IsaacMarch 10, 2021

Be grateful, even to your addictions | The Daily Vulnerable

At the Joy retreat that we do, I spoke with someone struggling with an addiction. He has recovered from it; ...

Michael IsaacMarch 8, 2021

Listen – even when it’s hard | The Daily Vulnerable

What I learnt from the interview with Chioma is something I am learning deeper and deeper over the past few ...

Michael IsaacMarch 5, 2021

Join Chioma Agwuegbo tomorrow on #WithChude | The Daily Vulnerable

For International Women’s Day, I invite my dear friend Chioma Agwuegbo to rip off the band-aid, ignore the pretty and ...

Michael IsaacMarch 3, 2021

‘Broken from seeing this’ | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude: How was it like for you leaving your church because your pastor had been accused of something as serious ...

Michael IsaacMarch 2, 2021

Communicate how you feel, no matter what | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude: Watching the video (you and your wife shared on YouTube) makes me want to ask this. Do you sometimes ...

Michael IsaacMarch 1, 2021

Love is a decision to serve another human being | The Daily Vulnerable

What I learnt from my conversation with Akah Nnani – a conversation that was filled with so much depth, is ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 26, 2021

There is absolutely nothing you cannot survive | The Daily Vulnerable

What keeps you awake at night? What keeps you up? What keeps you desperate during the day? What makes you ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 24, 2021

Be comfortable in your own skin | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude: How does it feel for you when magic happens? For instance, when everything just comes together the way that ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 23, 2021

What growth means | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude: What does it mean for a person to grow, even if they are already confident and assured? Niniola: When ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 22, 2021

Show up, do the work, get better | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo I once joked with one of our producers that I like interviews where the guest is not that ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 18, 2021

Are you really lonely? | The Daily Vulnerable

When some of my younger friends say they are lonely, I sometimes find it very amusing. “What’s the manifestation of ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 17, 2021

Feel your emotions all the way | The Daily Vulnerable

Korty: So, Eni said you shouldn’t cry in front of a man [if he breaks-up the relationship]. However, let me ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 16, 2021

Be a happy person before you step into a relationship | The Daily Vulnerable

One of the things I learnt from the conversation we had over the weekend is this: come into a relationship with your ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 12, 2021

Throuples, Ghosting, Situationships & More | The Daily Vulnerable

How far has the world changed when it comes to sex and relationships – and what’s the true effect on ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 11, 2021

Exhume good energy and life | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude: In your mind and heart, where are you now, and what’s next? Uche Sensei: Everything next is me; everything ...

Michael IsaacFebruary 10, 2021

You have to fight if you want to live | The Daily Vulnerable

Chude: Cancer is one of the things that people are frightened of. You’ve faced the worst fear of so many ...

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