“The next big thing is to find a husband”- Full text of #YNaijaFridayTwitterInterview with Linda Ikeji

by Lekan Olanrewaju 

You know her. You probably love her unabashedly; or hate her guts. You’ve been on her site at least once for a juicy scoop you couldn’t get anywhere else, regardless of what you think of her (which by the way, she cares very little about). Yes, it’s none other than Linda Ikeji. Blogger, entrepreneur, and all round star player. She joined us on the YNaija Twitter interview this week to discuss her beginnings as a model, blogging, criticism, and a lot more. Check out the full text below.

@YNaija: @lindaikeji Welcome to the #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija Thanks for inviting me…

@YNaija: @lindaikeji Let’s go to the beginning of the brand Linda Ikeji, from modeling days to date. How did your journey begin? #YnaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija i started modeling b4 I entered Uni. after my uni education, i started my own modeling&events coy, then discovered blogging in 2006

@lindaikeji: @YNaija the first modeling casting i went for in 1998, i actually tot it was a beauty pageant.didnt know the difference. #Ynaijainterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija there were over 300 girls at d casting and they wanted only 20 girls.without prior modeling experience,i was picked #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji were you a huge fan of any models at the time? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija erm, no! I didnt really know what modeling was about then. I’d seen fashion shows but had no particular interest. #Ynaijainterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija and contrary to what some pple think about my modeling career, i was actually one of the best models in my time #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji 🙂 so how did you learn the basics of the business? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija the casting director for the first show i did told me I was a natural. i walked well, had a nice figure back then #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji How long did you model and why did you decide to quit? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija from 1998 to 2006. I quit after i started my company.I’d done it all at the time and wanted to be behind the scenes #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @Lindaikeji Modeling is notorious for having a dark side, did you have any experience with that? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija dark side in Nigeria? 🙂 nope, didnt experience any of that. #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji what was your dating life like back then? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija hahaha. uneventful! 🙂

@YNaija: @lindaikeji you dated Dan Foster for a while. What made you connect to hiYNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija next question please 🙂

@YNaija: @lindaikeji :). So you ran your business for a while but eventually closed it. Why?

@lindaikeji: @YNaija i havent really closed down my business..i’m just no longer in charge, so i can face blogging full time #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji you recently blogged about hard times right before you started blogging. What were you feeling at the time? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija i was a hustler just like a million other youths out there. I wanted a better life for myself so i worked hard #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji what was it like, that first day you blogged? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaijai knew it was d beginning of something great.i didnt know where it wud lead or how far i’d go but i knew 2 put my all#Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji what did you want out of the blog? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija nothing really. just for pple to enjoy my stories and share their views.i started d blog out of passion for writing #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji the comments on the blog can be quite vicious. Where do you draw the line? Do you think you should?

@lindaikeji: @YNaija people don’t know this but i delete alot of comments,especially when commenters start 2 reveal personal details #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji some feel that your blog has been a negative influence in general. How do you respond? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija they are free to feel the way they want. I focus mostly on people who think positively. i didnt start blogging. #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji is Linda Ikeji the blog separate from Linda Ikeji the person? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija I am Linda Ikeji.Bits of my personality show on my blog but I’m not a scheming,evil B like some pple think.I’m actually a nice 🙂

@YNaija: @lindaikeji does it hurt when people attack you personally? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija i’ve developed a thick skin.after blogging for five years, i’ve heard it all, so nothing bothers me anymore #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji you have been v. open about your life (FGM, sexuality, hard times) on the blog. Why share so much of yourself?

@lindaikeji: @YNaija because that’s who i am. i’m very open. I’d rather share than keep it to myself #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji do you want to make the blog more “serious”, like get an office, staff? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija eventually i plan to. but for now let me enjoy my money alone, biko 🙂 #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji it’s been said it is wrong you profit off of the dirtier side of life. is that a correct assumption? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija yeah, i heard u said it 🙂 but I didnt invent blogging, news or gossip…there’s nothing dirty about sharing info #Ynaijainerview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji but people ignore that you talk quite a lot about societal (esp women’s) issues. How do u balance the 2 sides? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija people dont ignore it, they actually know. and appreciate it #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji what makes you happy on a day to day basis outside of “work”?

@lindaikeji: @YNaija my family. the beauty i see around me. my money. hehehehehee *joking* #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji what’s your next big thing? Anything in the works? #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija the next big thing is to find a husband 🙂 #Ynaijainterview

@YNaija: @lindaikeji Finally what is your favourite blog? And what is your secret love? #YNaijaInterview?

@lindaikeji: @YNaija my favorite blog is LIB. my secret love? helping people

@YNaija: @lindaikeji Your blog doesn’t count! 😀 #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija ok, Bella Naija

@YNaija: @lindaikeji You’ve been a star. Thank you so much for featuring in our #YNaijaInterview

@lindaikeji: @YNaija u are welcome. Thanks

@YNaija: It’s been @Lindaikeji on #YNaijaInterview today, hope you enjoyed it. Catch us again next time..

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  1. No wonder she hasn't done much blogging today,ynaija has been taking her time.
    As per Linda Ikeji blog, here are my observations.
    She copy and paste a lot.
    Her news are poorly researched and late.
    She takes forever to approve comments.
    Confabulates a bit.
    But guess what? I'm still a die-hard fan of hers. I can walk bare-footed on red hot charcoal cos of linda ikeji. Something tells me a she's going to find a prince charming one of these days and stroll into sunset with him and a lot of haters will choke on their own vomit.

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