The Weth Chronicles: Kiss Me Quick (Part II)

by Anthony Othuke Ominiabors


Continued from last week…… 

An hour and thirty minutes later found us in Ronke’s sparsely furnished apartment in Maryland. I locked the door behind us and led her to a fluffy armchair.

The doctor walked in. A slim nurse with a moon face and overly endowed hips, hurried along after him, trying hard to catch up with his long strides. She paused at the doorway and regarded me with suspicious eyes.

My lips stretched, exposing my teeth in a foolish grin. I didn’t dare imagine how badly dressed I was, but I was certain my tie was askew.

“Inspector Ronke, how are you today?” Dr. Andrew’s voice boomed. Obviously he hadn’t seen me in my little corner beside the door.

“I’m fine, thank you.” She pulled her dress around her and shifted her weight on the bed.

“Ahem,” I cleared my throat.

The doctor turned.

“Oh my, good morning Mr Weth, I didn’t know you were here.” His eyes ran over me.  I could swear I saw a naughty glint in them as they settled on my face.

“Morning doc,” I replied stiffly, utterly embarrassed.

The nurse shot me a baleful stare and moved to the patient, checking her vitals with a stethoscope.

“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything?” Asked the doctor, may naughtiness spilling out of him.

“Of course you didn’t.” I smiled too much and ambled to grab his hand in camaraderie. His was a small man, late forties, small head with big bright eyes and thin lips.

He turned and faced his patient.

“You’ve responded very well to treatments. And so far so good, your body hasn’t shown any sign of relapse.” He held her wrist and took a pulse. Then he held her face and pulled up her eyebrows with his thumb. Satisfied, he continued. “So, you can go home now. You’ll be officially discharged in twenty minutes. I’ve asked Nurse Stacymilla to get your prescriptions from the pharmacy. She’ll be here any minute now.”

Ronke’s face broke into a smile. “Thank you so much doctor. I really do appreciate.”

“You are welcome.”

The nurse took a step back and began the task of arranging Ronke’s belongings into a small brown bag.

“Do I call your office to come pick you up or  . . .” Asked Dr. Andrew as he turned and faced me, his eyes doing a funny dance in their sockets.

“Oh, there’s no need for that. Ohmston here will take me home.”

“Good. You have to report here once every week for check-up. Please do not fail.”

“I won’t.”

The doctor turned, smiled at me and walked out, his nurse hurrying behind him. Her hips jiggling furiously in protest to her rushed steps.

An hour and thirty minutes later found us in Ronke’s sparsely furnished apartment in Maryland. I locked the door behind us and led her to a fluffy armchair. But for the chair, a  green sofa, a furry green rug and a huge TV set with pictures of her on both sides of it, the room was empty.

“Is there anything you want?”

Ronke couldn’t  meet my gaze. “No…. Nothing.”

She looked everywhere but at my face. Throughout the drive home, she kept mute, staring out the window, deep in thought. I felt hurt, guilty. Maybe I shouldn’t ha—

“Ohmston . . . I’m sorry.”

I faced her. I didn’t know what to say. I walked to the windows and threw open the curtains. The sun had risen to fever pitch, scalding the plants in the little garden outside till their leaves hung limply by their sides. I felt her breath behind me, her hands on my shoulders. Unsure of what my reaction would be, she stepped back.


The shrill ring of my phone cut her short.

I flipped open the screen and saw the caller ID. I didn’t know how to take the call without letting my emotions give me away. It was best I ignored it, besides she had walked away.  I suddenly felt very weak.

Amber called two more times and probably gave up.

Ronke walked to the door and stared at me, lips curved inward, a dull light in her eyes. She looked at the phone and at my face.

I felt damn hot.

Maybe I shouldn’t be here.

I made to leave but she blocked my path.

“Please don’t go . . . please.”

Her eyes could have melted a stone and what with her electric mounds that pressed against my chest, I could not move. She reached for my hand and expertly extracted my phone, slipping it back into my pocket.

“Ronke, I think its best I leave.”

“No . . . please stay with me,” she whispered.

Her lips hovered in front of my face while I felt her hand unbuttoning my shirt.

She held my face and kissed my lips. I kissed her back, tentatively at first. My hands circled her waist, grabbing her to me, pressing her against my throbbing hunger. I kissed her ears, biting gently on her earlobes.

“Ohmston . . .” she moaned, fumbling with my belt. That was taking a lot of time. Impatiently, she dug her hands into my pants and circled me. I closed my eyes. With her other hand she pulled down the zip and set me free. Her strokes were soft and gentle. Her caresses made me bite my lower lip in anticipation. 

I held her dress and took it off, throwing it on the rug. My hands found her bra straps and I set them free.

I swallowed.

My hands moved over her body, enjoying the smooth feel of her moist skin. I could feel her shudder.

The fire built within me and raged wildly like a snake rearing its monstrous head. I swept her off her feet. Balancing her gently in my arms, I headed for her room. I had travelled this route a million times and as I stepped into the corridor that opened into her room, memories flooded my brain.

I laid her on the bed and circled her. Emotions rushed at me as I looked at her. And at that moment, I wanted to cuddle her, kiss her, and tell her how sorry I was that I had caused her so much pain.

The sight of her curves set my heart racing. I felt alive, the tension of the past few weeks fading into her shy smile. Her eyes flickered, raking me with her famous bedroom-looks. I tugged at my trousers and slid it off my waist, then I lay beside her. I held her close, kissing her neck, her curves and her mounds.

Emotions gave way to lust……….She moaned.

She held me, mumbling inaudible words as she led me into her sweet sanctuary…my senses took leave of me and nothing else in the world but this mattered at this moment.

I woke up in her arms. Dusk had fallen and only the soft glow of the moon illuminated her cherubic face. Pushing her gently aside, I sat up.

It felt good waking up in Ronke’s arms. I could really get used to this.

My phone rang, screaming into the night.

Ronke turned, lapsing deeper into sleep.

I picked up my pants and retrieved my phone. It was an unknown number.

I headed for the bathroom so I wouldn’t disturb Ronke.


“Hello where are you?”

My heart almost exploded.

“Wh-why what is the m-matter?”

“Kemi is missing. No one has seen her for two days. I’ve been at home all morning. Where are you?”

She has been at home? My place?

My heart beat rapidly against my chest.

“I—I . . . I’m coming.”

Amber’s voice faded as the tightness in my stomach grew. I looked at the sleeping figure on the bed and I felt a mixture of guilt and amorosity all at once.

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