The Y! Arena: Should Buhari accept to mediate in FG-Boko Haram dialogue? Join the debate


The violent extremist sect, Boko Haram has declared its readiness to dialogue with the federal government and has announced that former military ruler and president candidate of the Congress for Political Change, Muhammad Buhari is their preferred mediator.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Buhari has vehemently rejected the mention of his name. For the sake of peace, do you think he should at least consider it?

See what some young Nigerians had to say. Also, you can join the debate by leaving your thoughts in the comments section.


General Buhari is definitely in an awkward position and his image as an “Islamic” fundamentalist surely doesn’t help matters. This is one of those heads-you-lose-tails-you-still-lose situations. Whatever he does, he’s still going to look like a loser. This ceasefire statement by Boko Haram is orchestrated, anyway. Buhari might as well play his role in this blood game. I am sorry for Nigeria. – Dede Harrison


Is Gen Buhari member of the Boko Haram? If no, then why are they calling on him to mediate for them? From my view, who are Boko Haram? What is their mission? What is the topic for discussion? I see Gen Buhari as a respected individual in the society and there is no basis for him to stand for heartless people who have killed innocent people. I think Gen. Buhari should not stands for Boko Haram to disuss with the Federal Government. – Sanni Omoh


Who is fooling who here? The general is a Boko Haram sympathizer, there’s no doubt about it. His ‘loud silence’ throughout the sect’s murderous campaign is one that the whole world ‘heard’. Buhari should stop the play acting and do the honourable thing for once – allow peace to reign in Nigeria. – Ebenezer Ajayi


As one whose political future is in tatters, General Muhammad Buhari should forget the posturing and organize some coins for his boys. It’s either that or inglorious death at the hands of the JTF for the Boko Haram thugs. – Chinedu Madueke


Buhari has no credibility when it comes to the issue of being a Boko Haram sympathizer anyway. I mean, I am thinking there’s not a soul in Nigeria that doesn’t think Buhari supports what Boko Haram is doing for political reasons, i.e. disstablilise the country for his political opponent Jonathan/PDP. So, he might as well jump into ring and do the needful for the sake of peace. – Keke Anam


Anyone that can mediate should do it. The most important thing is to end this senseless carnage that is devastating northern Nigeria. – James Jukwey

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  1. I see no reasons that buhari should accept that and if so happen this is the right time gov agencies will accuse him been member of boko haram.

  2. Thanks to all of you for joining this debate! Very illuminating.

  3. Get the point…Buhari is the C in C of BH,he just decided that okay o,"I think we've killed enough innocent souls",so mr spokesman..(Abuqaqa)…oya release statement saying "BH want a ceasefire negotiation with FG and our C in C must be the chief mediator"…… know stuffs like this can only happen in Nigeria…we know someone who promised hell if he wasn't elected and were still saying maybe….my own total believe is BH is BUHARI,BUHARI is BH…HE'S just taking all us for a fool…….GEN BH…killing us through BH wouldn't make u our president,just get that into your skulls…

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  4. Obviously, national security is a very important issue. If you narrow it down to the Boko Haram, my personal view about it is that it is more political than religious. Boko Haram wears the face of religion, they don’t want anything western, giving the impression that such injunction is the teaching of Islam but behind it is more of politics. Obviously, it is an opposition element that does not agree with the present regime.But I see it as a wrong way of carrying out the functions of opposition. In democracy there must be opposition in order to keep the government in check. But opposition does not mean war or warfare or destroying everything in the land. Blowing up schools, police station, hospitals, killing and maiming people. These are not opposition.I think Mr President should summon an emergency meeting of the Council of States with all the Service Chiefs in attendance to discuss the issue of Boko Haram as a security threat to the nation. The forum may examine the necessity of holding a meeting of the ethnic nationalities of this country to really decide the fate of the country, whether we should continue as one, if so, under what structure or should we break up peacefully like Czechoslovakia did which famously has now come to be known as the velvet divorce.It is not in any way unpatriotic to say that Nigeria is not one nation.secondly come to look at it this way.boko haram just come to talk with the nation now which will be going into dialogging till mr president regime end and he will come up with an empty promises to stop boko haram …this group calling on buhari is to destroy the image of that president is the boko haram.god help nigeria

  5. This is rubbish.imagine,An Islamic sects or whatever, choosing an Islamic fundamentalist as their mediator.what will be the outcome of the dialogue.who is standing for who infront of who?.where did the FG and the judiciary keep the constitutions and laws of Nigeria?.Is there no law against terrorism?,is there no purnishment for terrorist?.infact,Ng is turning upside down and things are falling apart.Ng is the 1st country I have ever heard,planning to negociate,dialogue with useless and unsympathetic terrorist.I am highly dissapointed in FG especially GEJ and Co.

  6. Did d boko haram sought the consent of Buhari before nominating him to mediate on their behalf? If d answer is No then, I will discourage Buhari from accepting such task. Nsikan from Satellite town.

  7. Going by all the comments and commentators names i have seen, i believe they don't even understand what ℓ̊Ƨ̷̜̩̌̋ happening in the North i.e. all the senseless killings, if you are a good and patrotic Nigerian even you may wish to mediate between the FG and the Sect, Gen. Buhari should accept the task

  8. Wondering who they are trying to fool, if Buary or what ever u called him has no hands in this wicked act, why would they include him to dialogue along side with Federal Government. Well is only in Nigeria that Government dialogue with terrorists. If mr president is not competent enough to handle this issue, he can as well step down for competent and strong one to deal with it. #LostHopeInNigeria.

  9. In my own view, him backing down is only adding to the fact that maybe he is a sympathizer for the sect, if he knows he has nothing to do with the sect, then he should face this accusation and prove that he has really nothing to do with the sect. Being a mediator, he will achieving two things: Justify himself, and also bring peace to the nation from the bloody campaign of the sect.

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