“This is an instruction from God” – Bishop David Benenoch justifies his impending divorce

by Stanley Azuakola

No one knows what she did, but whatever the offense of the wife of Bishop David Benenoch, it must have been very serious to warrant his desperate attempt to justify it from the Bible.

Bishop Benenoch, the founding pastor of Communion Church, Lagos, is divorcing his wife of 20 years, Esther Benenoch. His announcement was met with shock and disbelief by many in Christendom.

However, during last Sunday’s church service, the bishop talked about the issue before his congregation. He justified his proposed action by using the Bible.

Benenoch told his congregation that his pastor friends have all been asking him to reconsider divorcing his wife, but he was unmoved because the divorce was an instruction from God. Anyone who can prove that the Bible is against divorce should present the scripture saying that, the Bishop challenged his congregation.

Then, he narrated how a pastor friend of his had tried to dissuade him by presenting Matthew 5: 31-32, which he said is against divorce.

According to Matthew 5: 31-32 reads: ‘It hath been said, whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement. But I say unto you, that whosoever shall put away his wife saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committed adultery’.

But the bishop remarkably didn’t consider this as proof. He asked his congregation to read that scripture with understanding.

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  1. I was once a member of the communioun church Festac town. It is quite unfortunate that the bishop has decided to ignore what the bible says about divorce. I pity members of the congregation that would wantn to remain in the church. May God help us all

  2. Humm may God forgive us all,bishob is a true man of God but now am confuse for dis divoice issue.what is happenning.

    1. He has his reasons. Note that a canal man cannot undastand d tins of d spirit.

  3. Reading ur post has given me a totally diff view of d whole situation. Thank u

  4. God save our land no pastor or Bishop can claim personal interpretation of the holy word of God. this purely a sign of the end times.let him report verbatim what God told him and the reason for that, because God is not, and will never be author of confusion.

  5. Every man will give an account of his/her actions to God. The race to heaven is not a team work but an individual marathon.

  6. First Chris Okotie,nōω this. What ïş wrong with these purported men δf God aπϑ their desperate desires †o use the Spirit †o justify the failings δf their Flesh?

    1. My brother,I wonder!…ok,true,no one is perfect.We all fall short… but to stand on the pulpit and preach that their acts are in line with God's injunction?!!!..hei!!!!..*smh*….

  7. When a bishop can no longer understand a simple passage from the scripture, i guess the whole congregation is in darkness. Men of God tend to lie so much on God nowadays. So bad!

  8. I am in shock I do not knowb what is happening in christiandom.we are inthe last day s where the love of many is waxing cold instead of been lovers of God they are lovers of themselves.God have many things to judge people about espeacial balspheming. All I konw is that he hates Divorce.PEOPLE DONOT FOLLOW ANY PASTOR O WORK OUT YOUR SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING FOR GOD IS A TERIBBLE GOD DO NOT TAKE HIS MERCY FOR GRANTED.

  9. Today pastor slept with female church members, tomorrow bishop defraud people, next tomorrow reverend set worshiper ablaze. It seems all the crimes of the present day are committed by the so called Men of God. And Yet people still follow their congregation.

  10. Though we are not to judge but bishop as the name implies if 100 of ur members come with such notion sir what will be ur advice are u divorcing ur children too when they grow what will u tell em a word is enough for Papa

  11. it bit my imagination dat men who call demsef men of God has suddenly turn d house of God 2 home for Lunatic, 7stars and whitehorse who share base on gains and materialism. I strongly believe Bishop has started commiting outside if nt y will u suddenly wakeup and lie against God. God is nt mock mr BiSHOp. U best think twice….or God's wrath lums ahead….

  12. The bible states in Malachi 2:14-16 that God abhors divorce and if he heard it from God, He needs to make assurance doubly sure and he needn't try to make people understand! Divorce is usually testament that a person is unwilling to appropriate the grace to forgive & is probably why God hates it. For whatever it is worth, men need to take responsibility for their actions instead of using the 'god' crutch, jessaying!

  13. God can bypass his law to accomplish a purpose, BUT d fact that he bypassed it for one does not mean, he has bypassed it for all. If he truly heard from God he needn't present it as if God is in support of divorce for ALL his children. People know your God and Him alone you should obey!

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