Thought Experiment: What if it’s best we let the sick Buhari stay in office?

by Soma Oj.

That President Buhari is extremely ill has only been emphasised by his public reappearance at today’s Jum’at prayers. He appeared for the prayers and was caught in a video that has now gone viral looking gaunt and appearing to stagger as he walked.

For two straight weeks, the nation had been left in doubt as to whether the President was still in the country or not and frankly, whether he was still alive.

In those two weeks, we have also learnt first hand that there are really sick people amongst us who will dare to announce their intentions to go trigger-crazy if anything were to happen to President Buhari. Before this, our only fear was generally centred around a cabal-takeover.

Our biggest demand has been that the President resign on account of his incapacity to discharge the functions of his office. And of course, that demand makes sense. After all, even President Buhari made the same demand in 2010 when the late Yar’adua’s ailment plunged us into a similar circumstance.

But first, let’s take a quick spin with the flip side: what if we’d actually be better off leaving him in office as sick as he may be and just be content with Vice President Osinbajo’s leadership?

Think about it.

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This is Nigerian politics. His resignation by law means that Vice President Osinbajo will become the President; a repeat of 2010 where Goodluck Jonathan became president after Yar’Adua’s debt – a situation that seemed that the reasonable thing at the time; except that no one told us that the zonal/religious politics of our land will translate that as: “the country owes the North/Muslims a President. Like this or not, this was a contributing factor to President Buhari’s emergence as President in addition to the fact that GEJ had had his run and Nigerians were legitimately done with him.

Electing Buhari was our first step to repaying the debt we owe the Muslim-North; we placated the Christain-Southwest with Osinbajo as the Vice President. To accept a resignation from President Buhari and having Osinbajo as the President can only be interpreted by our creditors/overlords to mean that we are “snatching the turn away from the North” again. A situation that can only cause so much anarchy. It has not happened yet but we’ve already had a lunatic threaten to kill hundreds if the President dies in office.

That kind of anarchy, indecision about whether to accept our leadership is the very ingredient that a military takeover is made up of. NO ONE WANTS THAT.

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Okay, say we are being extreme with the military takeover business. It’s a catch 22 in anay case. Losing President Buhari, especially under any unnatural circumstance will leave us vulnerable to explosive situation.

The only other option, the one we are experimenting with is to fold or collective arms and watch as the “cabal” compel us to live in limbo with an ailing President who may or may not be able to fathom the amont of corruption going on under his nose by his own political appointees even as the hallmark of his administration remains anti-corruption.

Don’t shoot the messenger. We’ve only provided you with an alternative reasoning.The call is still yours to make.


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