TICKER: Nigeria cheating at the Women’s U-17 World Cup?

Thanks to redditor Naija_football, whose suspicions regarding a player on the Nigerian Women’s U-17 team at the world cup currently held in Azerbaijan, an age fraud case is in the process of being exposed, regarding Victoria Aidelomon, who according to the electronic paper trail uncovered by Naija, is actually much closer to 30 than being a teenager.

Nigeria have done very well up till now, making it into the quarterfinals after winning two matches and drawing one in the group stage. Naija’s had his spider-sense tingling while he was watching some of the matches, feeling that the Nigerian players looked a bit too old for the competition, especially Aidelomon. So, he dove into Facebook and started doing some detective work, which resulted in this:

evidence e1349159395719 Nigeria Cheating at the Womens U 17 World Cup?

The captain, Aidelomon, has a younger sister that is 19 years old and another sister that is probably between 26 and 29. How old is she? According to the numbers and dates showing up on and uncovered, she can’t be any younger than being in her late 20′s.

Age cheating isn’t something new, especially in Africa where FIFA began using MRI to determine eligibility through bone development, but that only occurs in the men’s game, not for women’s tournament.

Yes, this isn’t exactly hard, court-like evidence, but it seems pretty legit and conclusive. Whether it makes enough news and noise to get FIFA’s attention, that remains to be seen. We hope that this guy’s hard work in uncovering the truth (about his own country’s national side) won’t have been for nothing.


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  1. Adesina akinyemi, I am truly appalled at your comment. What do you mean by what he stands to gain by pointing out something wrong? You see, that is actually the problem with this country. We feel something is okay as long as it yields results irrespective of the number of laws it broke or the effects of such. Kudos to the guy for pointing it out and digging further. Why do you think we have never gone beyond the second round at the world cup despite winning all youth categories of the football tournament. In case u r searching your head, its simple. We cheat at those tournaments with overage players. Take a look at spain. Remember xavi and casillas? They were at nigeria 99. How many players from nigeria 99 in the Nigerian team play for the national team now? None. So wake up. Its about time we started doing the right thing.

    1. Joseph Yobo was at Nigeria 99 and is still playing. Well, anytime he can get it up. LOL!

  2. Lol. "First ever comprehensive" investigation coming from Nigeria was done using Facebook data. Basketmouth don see another joke. Big ups,Naija!

  3. Amebo shut up your mouth. Mr busybody who told u dt facebook particulars are always true and genuine? Mr opprportunist, Oyinbo man will not trust you since u could betray ur country. Are u even a Nigerian? If our u-17 girls were losing, would u have engaged in ur dubious search?

  4. Common, using data from facebook? How do you know that she is even the person on the page? This is being very petty!

  5. Why should they cheat in the first place?

  6. We all know that age on facebook is nothing but a false, meanwhile it is common for we Africans to sell out our self for selfish reasons. I wonder what this person want to gain by doing that to those girls. If they had lost all their matches this wouldn't have happen.

    1. What selfish reason? What do i have to gain by pointing out the truth? Nigeria has something to gain if we can shame those that insist on cheating the system and cutting corners. Look at the picture carefully facebook is not the only source stating that Esther Aidelomon, the younger sister of Victoria Aidelomon is 19 years old. It can be easily verified that she is/was a college student in Missouri, USA.

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