Top 10 tweets on Covenant University’s ban on make-up and high heels (READ)

by ‘Jola Sotubo

Staying true to its reputation as one of the strictest universities in Nigeria, Covenant University is in the news again.

The school which has over the years suffered criticism for arbitrary expulsions and its ban on cell phones , amongst other things, has reportedly established a new rule banning make-up and high heels

According to reports,  the new Student Handbook (2013-2017 edition) published by the new management of the university has outlawed the use of “makeup” and “high heels” in the school.

It is understood that the female lecturers and management staff are not to be affected by the rules, but female students are supposed to desist from using makeup in order to receive a greater “impartation of grace”.

With social media buzzing over these new regulations, we bring you the Top 10 reactions to the said ban.

Read below and feel free to add your in the comment section:

– Ketandu KK Ezeji ‏@OfficialKK_ 
– Covenant University Stay Acting Like Dressing Equals Salvation. You Can’t Come Into My Heaven If Your Shoes Are Red.


– PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne
– Who goes to heaven for wearing black shoes or no makeup? Lol. Please explain to me. I’ll wait. @JacobsIdowu4 @estiville


– PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne
– Sleep & Wake up CU students, it’s only a dream…. Or not )-:


– PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne
– One day they’ll riot….. One day….. Never actually )-: #CuPains


-Its Marvin; Biatch! ‏@duke_of_kellogs
– Lmao! *Dies* “@Tolu_Moula: :”( RT @KjSunmon: Lol. Covenant university 2014 Endurance set”


– The Eccentric Imp. ‏@Cyntheeya
Covenant University is not a University. More like a reform center for “bad children”.


– PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne
– CU is losing focus. Christianity isn’t an issue of appearance. God hasn’t stopped looking at HEARTS.


– Moby V ‏@bookjunk1e
Covenant University will break you. Take every single shred of endurance you have and deliberately shoot it to hell.


– PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne
– How can you devote the existence of a university into making lives miserable under a stiff academic calendar? DON’T YOU WANT TO LIVE LONG?


– Ogunleye Olawale ‏@itz_waley
Watching T.V Doesn’t Interest Me That Much Again…….Thank You Covenant University


– Arike ade ‏@MissLamide 30 Jul
A boyfriend nko? “@Temmii_xx: “I Never Had A GirlFriend” – Best Graduating Student In Covenant University


– See link to the handbook here –

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  1. Copying negative dress cultures from the western world especially USA has impacted on Africans values. Thanks CU, parents who do not want to loose their children will send them to CU. I am a parent and peer influence has been a major concern.

  2. A missionary school where only the rich can attend………….Where’s the truth in that? Fanatism at its peak.

  3. That the female lecturer and the management are excluded in rule make it partial, they should be a good example to the students in question. Self doctrine cannot take anybody to heaven but biblical doctrines do.

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