Top 5 Podcasts of the Week

Art and entertainment can be found imbued in almost anything so long as it is well-presented. This week, we have all been entertained by our favourite podcasters, updating us about their real-life experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned.

Listening to podcasts has been described as therapeutic by fans who prefer dedicating hours to hearing their favourite podcasters narrate their experiences. We have compiled a list of the top podcasts from this week, hoping that no matter the tasks you set your mind to completing this weekend, you also get to catch up on these podcasts.

I Said What I Said

“I Said What I Said” is a popular podcast among this generation, as the two hosts, FK and Jollz, never fail at being hilariously chaotic with their episodes.

On their latest episode, “Grammy as in Gramophone”, released on September 6, the hosts feature a guest host whose energy matches the two women. They talk at length about artists, casually sneaking in their past experiences, albeit humorously.

The “I Said What I Said” podcast comes recommended for anyone who would like to sit back and enjoy the company of FK and Jollz as they take you on a journey through life in their eyes.

Tea With Tay Podcast

Taymesan never fails to keep the audience off their seats and on the floor with laughter as he hilariously tells his tales in sweet gossip.

Before beginning his podcast show, Taymesan captured the hearts of Nigerians with his video content posted on social media. “Tea With Tay” is a fun program which discusses societal challenges along with personal experiences in a fun and calming tone that keeps the audience enamoured till the end of the episode.

In his latest episode, “50 Shades of Being an Internet Sensation,” in which he featured Caramel, the two hosts share their thoughts on being a celebrity and how it has affected them.

The Honest Bunch

The Honest Bunch is an audio-visual podcast hosted by celebrity on-air presenter Nedu, Husband Material, Deity Cole, and Naomi. The four personalities tackle societal issues along with trending topics.

On this week’s podcast, released on September 5, the four hosts welcomed the famous comedian Destalker as they converse on “Social Media Pressure.”

Destalker narrates his life experience before becoming the man he is now. He mentions another celebrity comedian who once barred him from performing.

The group explained their beliefs on social media pressure and how much netizens try faking it till they make it.

VT Podcast “Ideas That Matter”

The VT podcast is unlike the podcast above as this show is strictly business-oriented as its host, Vusi Thembekwayo, is a South African entrepreneur.

On this recent episode of VT titled “Best Opportunities To Win”, the entrepreneur shares his views on business ideas, saying he does not like business models that are easily available or easily dissectable and can be analysed by the average person on the street.

If you are the type to enjoy a podcast that advises you on the best market moves and how to prepare for the worst, the VT podcast is one such podcast to enjoy.


One of the heartiest and most popular podcasts in the world, ShxtsNGigs, is hosted by two men, Fuhad and James, who always say the darndest things, from sharing their life stories to reading up comments on the internet and sharing their views on them.

In this latest episode of ShxtsNGigs, the two hosts wonder about the biggest lie a person is still telling.

The duo are an excellent match that provides peak entertainment to their listeners as their audience cuts across all genders. They share their opinions on tales, whether unfiltered or slightly offensive; James and Fuhad can be counted on to deliver a crazy and funny episode.

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