Uche Odoh: She’s not your girl next door!

by Bukky Oyebode

Model and photographer Uche Odoh first came into the limelight when she participated in the 2007 edition of Amstel Malta Box Office Competition. Recently featured in Wizkid’s ‘Hola at your boy’ and the remix of Bracket’s ‘Yori Yori’, this model also runs her own events management company. Uche’s bright personality shines through as she speaks to YNaija about Valentine’s Day, her ‘stepping stone’ and her trademark Mohawk!

How did your love for modelling and photography start?

I can’t say precisely how it started but I know back then, when photographers saw me, they always wanted to take my picture on their camera and I’d just pose. However, I’ve being modelling professionally since 2007/8. Modelling started first and photography was just about the same time. My huge stepping stone was when I went for AMBO 2007. After that I got signed up to an agency. I had to wait for the right time and opportunity.

So your passion for modelling and photography started about the same time?

Yes, about the same time. Photography is just a hobby; I’m not doing it professionally yet. I just do it because I like taking pictures – I love documentary photography. It’s something I’ll do later, but modelling is what I do now basically.

You were with Nigezie at some point in your career. Why did you leave?

I was training at Nigezie as a producer; it wasn’t like I was working there and I left for another job. I was through with my training, and so I left.

You featured in the video of ‘Yoriyori’ remix by Bracket ft. 2face. What other videos have you done?

I was also in ‘Hola at your boy’ by Wizkid, which was after I did ‘Yori yori’. I have featured in a lot of videos of artistes like H.man, Tobagold, Lambo, etc (way back 2007). I’ve forgotten most of them now.

You seem to prefer to keep your hair low cut, especially in a Mohawk. Is this a trademark?

I don’t know. I really don’t think so. I just don’t like weaves. I’m not a big fan of weaves.

Have you gone bare (skin cut) before?

Yes… I started off with a skin cut. At a point it grew to a Mohawk – I cut it down and it grew up to a Mohawk again. It keeps going growing round different patterns of the Mohawk.

What else do you do apart from modelling and photography?

I’m into the entertainment industry as a whole. I run a small entertainment company, a very small one. We do PR, events/ event planning, etc. We hope to get bigger. When we are bigger and ready we’ll let you guys know.

How many jobs have you done and why do you classify your company as small?

(Laughing) Plenty o… Let just leave it for now. It’s still underground. An ‘underG’ move

How do you relax?

I spend time with my friends; we sometimes go out to the cinema to watch movies, generally to chill.

What can make you sad?

I’m rarely sad. I was sad when I lost my daddy in 2004 and mostly when I lose a loved one. Aside that I’m rarely sad; I’m actually a very happy being, always happy.

What’s your perspective of Valentine’s Day?

People don’t always believe this when I say it; I have never had a proper Valentine’s Day. The only Val’s day moment I had was from secondary school, where you exchange cards and gifts. Throughout my University days, I never did. It’s either Boo was not around or something would happen.

Were you in a relationship this past Val’s day?

Well yes, I’m still in a relationship but Boo wasn’t around. He is somewhere very far away so it was just me. It was a very funny day; I was at the embassy throughout, came back to Lagos that same day and went home to sleep. My cousin came home and she was surprised I was at home. I’m actually indifferent about it. If you love someone, you have to show it all the time, it does not have to be on Val’s day only.

Do you have any project you are working on at the moment?

Well yes it’s still underground. A lot of things are underG for now but expect to hear from me before the year ends. It’s like a rebranding year for me.

What makes your face and body constantly beautiful?

I won’t say I’m a healthy eater or very healthy. I don’t really use a lot of things or follow routine. I don’t use a lot of make up too. Whenever I have make up on my face, I make sure I remove it before I sleep. I wash off my face before I sleep after a shoot – I believe it blocks the pores and really bad when you go to bed with make up on your face, you won’t get enough air on your face. I can say that is the only routine I follow regularly, aside that I don’t do much.

What would you say to people who want to be like you?

Hardwork and determination goes a long way in whatever you are doing. Don’t allow anybody say to you, ‘you can’t do it’. Whatever you to do, go for it no matter the limitation.

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  1. I always dream of becoming a model.I hv zeal for it,plz be my role model?I need someone to inspire and motivate me.Thanks

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