#UltimateLoveNG: Bolar’s ship in trouble, as Arnold’s ex pays a surprise visit

It’s another weekend in the Ultimate Love Pad and Aunty decided to run back a play from last week’s play book. 

During the Friday night party last week, in a move we believed would be one-off, Aunty decided to add in a little twist to the game, by bringing in one of the housemate’s exes. She did this to test the couple’s resilience and to see if the words of her Love Guests truly holds water. 

Iyke, unfortunately, was the one who was put on the hot seat. His ex Onyinye, a beautiful outspoken lady came into the house guns blazing. She began by giving Iyke a lap dance for his partner to see and then proceeded to body shaming Theresa, after which she left, with some damage inflicted on the Iykeresa ship. Luckily, at the end of the day, they were able to put the whole thing past them and move on.

Last night it was Arnold’s turn, as Arnold and Bolanle, (Bolar) were the latest target in Aunty’s little game. Arnold’s character was put to the test, as fans of the show watched in anticipation to see how Arnold would respond to a visit from his very beautiful ex. If you thought the Iyke situation couldn’t have been handled any more poorly, then we have news for you; it can. Arnold and Bolanle handled the situation very terribly in every sense of the word.

After Arnold was locked in the soundproof booth with his ex Bolanle, she took a seat a few inches away from the booth, watching the two closely as they conversed. Lord knows what she was trying to achieve by doing that. Her insecurity couldn’t have been any more obvious. 

While in the booth, Arnold’s ex gave him an ultimatum, that he either walks out with her that moment and their relationship can pick up where they left off, or stick around and continue with the game but lose her forever. Arnold gave the worst response he possibly could, he declined while also referring to Bolanle as his task. In an attempt to secure both women he ended up losing them and even though Bolanle is unaware of what he told his ex, she will see the replay eventually on exiting the house.

Referring to Bolanle as his task didn’t boat well with the fans at all, Arnold could possibly have taken his relationship from one of the fan favorites to the worst ship in the house. At least his act is up, and fans know not to waste their votes on this fake ship.

It just seems Aunty will go to any length and take the necessary precaution to make sure that the most deserving and sincere couple go home with the prize.

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