Vera Ezimora: This woman says wives should let side chicks service their husbands (and I’ve got questions!)

by Vera Ezimora

Is it just me or has there been a recent influx in the number of posts/videos of people giving women all kinds of advice about what men can and cannot do? For example, I read a long rant the other day (from a woman oh!) saying that women who post fondly about their husbands on social media are basically to be blamed for their husband’s cheating because writing about their husbands made them (the husbands) appealing to other women. And then today, there’s this one.

Hey Facebook, let's discuss: this woman says wives should outsource the servicing of their husbands to side chicks. Your thoughts?

Posted by Vera Ezimora on Sunday, 6 August 2017

Usually, when I hear something like this, I get really enraged. The reason I get so angry is that I’m so tired of men and women alike acting as if a grown adult man is incapable of controlling what vagina his penis enters. This is ridiculous. Yes, men cheat. And so do women. But I digress. Today’s video isn’t actually about cheating; it’s about the duties of a married woman.

he used words like “marginalizing” and “outsource” and “servicing” to drive her point home. In her opinion, by the time a woman is married with kids and has a career, coming home to service a man is just too much work. But if the woman outsources to the side chick, she (the wife) will come home to a happy man. And while we’re talking about side chicks, she also wants the society to stop marginalizing side chicks (because the work they do is very important, I suppose).

I personally think it’s crazy for any woman to be okay with her husband having this arrangement, but for the sake of argument, let’s assume that wives are generally okay with outsourcing the fucking of their husbands to side chicks (who I’m sure are well certified and accredited in their field of work). Still, I’ve got questions.

1.  If the woman is too tired to have sex because of motherhood and her career, then why isn’t the man tired, too? Doesn’t he also have kids and a career?

2,  Will the wife also be getting serviced by a side dude?

3.   Who will pay this side chick? I’m assuming this is a career for her. So who pays? Husband or wife?

I was going to ask if there are women out there who agree that the job of servicing their husbands should be outsourced, but I think the answer is a resounding yes.

But how do you feel about this, Sweet Potatoes? I’m particularly curious about how the men feel. If your wife offered you this service, would you accept it? Be honest. You can comment anonymously and speak your truth.

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