“The voice of the people is the voice of God” “May your love outlive creaking limbs and grey hairs” | Read our Top 10 quotes from last week

This past week, Zimbabwe, Atiku and The Wellingtons occupied the news for very distinct reasons. Over in the South of Africa, “The Crocodile” returned from exile, back home, Atiku did an about turn to his first love and Mr and Mrs W cemented their love before friends and family. So, of course, we had a good number of “quotable quotes” to draw from.

These are our top 10 (there’s a surprise bonus):

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Now the new President of Zimbabwe, Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa who’d been hiding away in London returned to the country to assure the recently-freed citizens with these words:

“The people have spoken. The voice of the people is the voice of God,” he told supporters. “Today we are witnessing the beginning of a new and unfolding democracy.”

Is ‘The Crocodile’ hiding his true intentions?

Ben Bruce

Abubakar Atiku, the former Vice President of Nigeria, really stirred the hornet’s nest when he signed up to join PDP a second time, abandoning his promise to stay in APC for life. The Commonsense Senator welcomed him, whilst also warning him of the potential backlash.

Reno Omokri
Someone had to take on the APC fanboys spitting fire and brimstone against Atiku’s decision to switch sides- and who better than Reno with the nuggets.
“President Buhari who wasn’t loyal to his C-in-C, Shagari, who he overthrew and who jumped from APP, to ANPP to CPC to APC and whose govt restored and promoted Maina after awarding $25 billion NNPC contracts with due process has no moral authority to point fingers at at all”
Another PDP loyalist had some hard words for Atiku. If Atiku takes it seriously, his opponents won’t see him coming in 2019.
APC gubernatorial candidate at the Anambra elections did not find the happenings at the polls funny. He blatantly accused Willie Obiano of using government instrument to achieve personal gains.
The ruling party has been using Police to suppress our people.

The Police have allowed themselves to be used as a tool of oppression and suppression in the hands of the ruling party in the state.

James Ibori

It is ironic that the nation that betrayed this man’s effort to rescue it from political and economic morass will, now that he is dead, begin to shed crocodile tears.

“Even those who betrayed the very effort to make Ekwueme President, may begin to, hypocritically, of course, bewail the fact that Ekwueme or the Igboman or woman, never ruled Nigeria.

Oh, come on man, have a little faith

Attorney General of the Federation did a 360 regarding Maina’s case:

“As of February 21, Maina’s issue was a work of progress. The letter giving clear directives on his reinstatement couldn’t have genuinely emanated from my office.”

Because we are all fools.

Femi Falana

The Human rights lawyer is not taking Malami and Maina’s allegations against him lightly

“Maina’s allegation that the management of the EFCC sold the property at No 42, Gana Street, Maitama District, Abuja or any property to me is a figment of his fecund imagination for mischief.”

 And that’s how Mainagate’s turning into a circus.
 “I was diagnosed to be diabetic more than 30 years ago but rather, I am growing strong, if you don’t believe I am growing strong and you didn’t witness this walk, come and see me at night, you will know I am growing strong, come and see me in the morning, you will know I am growing, even in the afternoon, you will know I am growing strong.”
Yes, you are, sir.
Ireti Doyle
We call this next part love letters to Mr and Mrs W. Ireti’s sweet words for Adesua are very moving.
 “Were I to choose a role model for my 13 year old daughter, you would be amongst the very select few. There is no such thing as a totally flawless person, yet you have carried yourself with grace, dignity and a certain “awareness” that many (regardless of age) are yet to master. Were I asked to describe you in one word it would be #clean.
Well done my Lady…@bankywellington is lucky to have found you…
@adesuaetomi …one day imma sit you down and tell you exactly how I feel about you …but in the main time let’s go get you wed!!! (Is that oyinbo even correct???) Who cares!!!?
And oh…when today’s celebration is over, I shall go home and sleep wella; resting assured in the knowledge that the Lord God Almighty who has brought you thus far, has got both of you in the palm of His hands and @bankywellington has got you in his.  It shall continue to be well with you and all that you do…congratulations my darling” #BAAD2017#IyawoEleseOsun#AyaBanky#MrsWellington#MrsW#Yellow#Stainless#Sunshine#DidINotWarnYouAboutTheseFlowers#IWillCryAndRuinMyMakeupToday?
Kemi Adetiba
Kemi Adetiba love note for the couple got our eyes watery
May this be the beginning of a love and respect journey that will never have an end. May it outlive creaking limps and Grey hairs. May your children blush with pride whenever you share the story of how you found your love, and had the courage to fight for it. May they never settle for anything less than real love, commitment and respect, only because they witnessed you both display it so effortlessly during the good and the bad times. Enjoy YOUR day guys. And at the end of the day, when the music is turned off, the guests have all left, and the confetti is swept off the floor, may you still look each other in the eyes with assurance that you both made the right choice, and have found a “home” in each other’s hearts. A safe haven no intruder will ever be able to break in and disrupt. I love you both. And may the happiness you feel today pale in comparison to the joy you will feel together for the rest of your very long lives… Amen. Love you @bankywellington and @adesuaetomi… Happy Wedding Day and Marriage for life!!!”#BAAD2017

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