Weekend Watchlist: Top Ten Movies/Series to see this Weekend 

The weekend is underway, and in true Ynaija fashion, we are committed to helping you have the most relaxing time ever. With a blend of action thrillers, comedy, drama, and adventure, we’ve done the work, compiled the movies, and given you a list that will keep your weekend fun, entertaining, and engaging.

Our mantra is “no dull moment.”

So, here are ten movies you need to see this weekend.

 Our Flag Means Death 

In a rare mix of sea piracy and romance, this intense series brings the heat with pinpoint acting performances and a riveting storyline”. Our Flag means Death follows the escapades of Gentleman Pirate Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), a wealthy member of gentry who abandons his family and life of aristocracy for a life of piracy. Based on real life events, the series follows various parts of his life from his bizarre pirate captaining style, where he reads bedtime stories to his crew and encourages a talk-it-through alternative to violence, to deciding his official pirate moniker, first pillages to crushing reality checks, and his eventual meet-cute encounter with the infamous Blackbeard (Taika Waititi). A pirate comedy with heart, this series would leave you smiling and longing for more.

Burning Betrayal

Set in modern-day Brazil, this sultry erotic thriller follows the story of Babi (Giovanna Lancellotti), an accountant who tries to make do with her fiancé’s betrayal as an opportunity for a sexual awakening, not knowing that dangerous consequences await her. 

Aside from Giovanna Lancellotti in the lead role as Bárbara “Babi” Nucci, the core cast is made up of Bruno Montaleone, Leandro Lima, Camilla de Lucas, and Micael.

The movie fully embraces its goal: to entertain and arouse viewers. If you liked “365 Days” on Netflix or enjoyed “50 Shades of Grey,” you’ll enjoy this.

Pain Hustlers

If you loved the precedent and thematics of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wolf of Wall Street then you might enjoy this. America is having an opioid crisis and this story takes a little peek into how Big Pharma is run. Chris Evans plays a not-so-nice guy in his new, post-MCU gig, and Emily Blunt shines as Liza.

Liza Drake, a single mom who recently lost her job, crosses paths with overconfident salesman Pete Brenner (played by Chris Evans) at a strip club. He proposes a fresh start for her. This leads to quite the ride as the movie progresses.

Everything Now

A typical school-going-teenagers-having-mid-life-crisis movie, Netflix’s “Everything Now” tackles a teenager’s journey with anorexia. After seven months in the hospital recovering from anorexia, 16-year-old Mia Polanco (played by Sophie Wilde) eagerly heads home. 

Going back to school with friends Becca (Lauryn Ajufo), Cameron (Harry Cadby), and Will (Noah Thomas) makes her happy but, Mia expects the biggest challenge to be the curious glances and sympathetic gestures.

She finds that what used to be normal isn’t normal anymore as Mia struggles to find her place in the new social scene.

Small Talk

Laugh and maybe crack a rib or two? Small Talk! Famous lead characters in the comic industry like Mr. Macaroni and Lasisi take center stage in this raucous comedy. 

Baba Dee’s (Mr. Macaroni) chatty tendencies inadvertently lead to a robbery that involves his higher-ups. Lasisi Elenu, playing an investigator assigned to crack the case, steps in.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 

Mike Schmidt, a night guard at a local diner, becomes troubled after confronting the truth about the animatronic costumes that reside: they aren’t just robots. They are alive. Will he be able to survive all five nights at this haunted diner? Or is something more sinister at play?

Castlevania Nocturne

Castlevania: Nocturne continues the story centuries after Netflix’s initial Castlevania series. Demon slayer Richter Belmont (played by Edward Bluemel) heads to France seeking revenge on vampires. 

Similar to his ancestor, whip-wielding Trevor, Richter’s natural magical abilities equip him for the family legacy.

Raised by his strong warrior mother, Julia (Sophie Skelton), Richter carries a deep sense of pride in their shared mission. Animated yet it has all the thrills of an exciting watch. Blood-sucking ghouls, undead gods, magic, and gore would get your pulse racing.

Sister Death

Another Spanish horror flick that’ll test your scare meter. If you loved La Llorona and the Nun then this religious horror movie might have you at a loss for picking your favorite amongst the three.

Sister Death begins in a post-war Spanish convent marked by a history of violence. The film boldly confronts the contradictions of religion and the suffering of women in a Catholic environment. I’d share more, but you must see it for yourself. If you’re in search of a late-night movie, this one’s a great find.

My Fault

Noah (Nicole Wallace) faces a life-altering move, leaving behind her boyfriend, and friends to settle into William Leister’s mansion, the newfound wealthy husband of her mother, Rafaela.

In this new setting, she encounters Nick (played by Gabriel Guevara), her fresh stepbrother. Right from the start, their personalities collide, but as fate would have it, an irresistible attraction blossoms, leading them into a relationship society frowns on.

The Ring Leader: The Case of Bling Ring

The Ring Leader is an Eric Carr documentary about the infamous Rachel Lee. This docuseries shows Rachel unveiling her secrets of theft and recklessness for the first time in the public eye. In 2008 and 2009, Lee and her friends targeted the homes of high-profile celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan with the intent of stealing, only to be eventually apprehended and imprisoned.

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