#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Nengi escapes disqualification as Biggie issues last warning to housemates

After an emotional, and quite frankly very eventful weekend, the Big Brother Naija community, including housemates and fans, can safely say that they are entering the new week with lower expectations for drama.

With Biggie putting his foot down, and issuing housemates a final warning, it’s interesting to see if the housemates will be on their best behavior.

Fights and more fights during the weekend

Last week, particularly the bottom half, had more than it’s own fair share of altercations. It began on Friday evening, where Wathoni and Erica, got into a fight, over a comment Wathoni made.

The very next day, Lucy, Kiddwaya and Trickytee, got into a bit of an argument over eggs. Lucy, accused Kiddwaya of taking more than was allocated, and Kidd, attempted to set the record straight. They went at each other for a while, but Kidd’s calm demeanor and mature approach to confrontations, could be thanked for defusing the entire situation.

That same day, Nengi and Kaisha got into a heated argument of their own, heated in this case being a huge understatement. During their fight they almost threw hands, as it took some intervention from some of the other housemates to restore some sanity between both ladies.

Nengi and Kaisha

Up until the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show, the origin of Kaisha’s and Nengi’s fight was rather vague. But during the eviction show on Sunday, we got some insight into the cause of the fight, as Ebuka asked both ladies to explain their sides of the story.

According to Kaisha, Nengi had called her stupid, while Nengi narrated that Kaisha was the one who was initially derogatory. One thing was certain from both stories though, and that was the fact that they were almost disqualified because of hot water.

In accordance with both sides of the story, Nengi had been boiling some water, to quickly take a bath. Kaisha also wanted to use the kettle, so she went to check if Nengi’s water was done, it wasn’t. Just then Nengi came out and asked her what she was doing, she hissed and Nengi called her stupid.

This little confrontation had both ladies at each other’s neck, in a fight that nearly got physical. For this, Biggie called the housemates together to reiterate the rules, and issue a final warning.

Biggie sternly stated that if a similar incident should repeat itself, there would be consequences far superseding a mere warning. He also addressed Lucy, Wathoni and Erica.

Vee and Neo

Arguably the closest couple in the house, Vee and Neo who can’t ever seem to get enough of each other, had a rather troubling fight during the weekend. It began when Neo, was seen dancing with Kaisha in a sort of raunchy way. Vee didn’t appreciate this, but things really took a turn for the worse when Neo and Kaisha were caught in the bathroom together.

Following this, Vee refused to speak to Neo, but an apology letter, Neo left in Vee’s bed, stating “I’m sorry can we talk?”and pressure from other housemates, led Vee to have a conversation with Neo. They talked things out and so far they seem to be in a better place than they were during the weekend. Hopefully, any new developments would be a positive one.

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Eviction woes

Last night saw to the eviction of yet another housemates. Thankfully Big Brother decided to go with a single eviction, as opposed to the double evictions that have occurred for the last two weeks. Kaisha was unfortunately eliminated from the game, and while that was heartbreaking enough, it apparently wasn’t as shocking as Neo getting nominated.

Housemates are shocked 

As some of the housemates conversed in the room, Erica expressed her concerns that someone as fun loving, vibrant and out there as Neo would get nominated by the fans so early. Her distress was that if the strategy of having a relationship and delivering content steadily, does not sway the fans in their favor, then what will.

Ozo, however advised that she shouldn’t stress over it, and she should continue to be herself. He cited Praise as an example, explaining that he was nominated the first time, but didn’t deviate from being himself, since then he hasn’t been nominated again.

How the housemates voted

After the bottom four housemates with the least votes from fans were announced, the rest of the housemates were called to the diary room, to name two housemates which they would want to evict. And of Kaisha, Trickytee, Neo and Wathoni, here’s how each housemate voted.

KiddwayaKaisha and Wathoni
VeeKaisha and Wathoni
BrightoTrikytee and Kaisha
NengiKaisha and Wathoni
LayconTrikytee and Kaisha
DorathyTrikytee and Kaisha
PraiseKaisha and Trikytee
LucyTrikytee and Wathoni
PrinceKaisha and Wathoni
TolanibajKaisha and Trikytee
OzoKaisha and Trikytee
EricaWathoni and Kaisha






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