#YNaijaBBNRecap: Lucy apologizes to Nengi, and housemates get supportive messages from fans

If this season’s housemates are super, their kryptonite would definitely be cooperation. One out of three tasks wins sure buttresses that point, and even though the housemates are gearing for an incredible looking presentation, they seem to want to sabotage themselves again, with their constant bickering.

Lucy and Erica fight again

On Tuesday, Erica and Lucy fought over something Lucy said to Kiddwaya. Lucy had stated that Kiddwaya was the neck and Erica the head, and the head cannot move without the neck.

Erica, who didn’t appreciate Lucy’s comment approached her, and it quickly escalated to heated exchange. Lucy questioned Erica’s intelligence, and Erica called Lucy a mop, that’s right, a mop. They later reconciled and you would think that was the end of that right? Wrong!

On Wednesday, the bad blood got even badder as their squabble this time would be about respect. Erica had cut Lucy off while Lucy was trying to make a point, and Lucy this time, didn’t appreciate that. This lead to them cutting in on their rehearsal time trying to settle the issue. To Erica’s point, she felt like whatever Lucy was trying to say was wasting time. Which was ironic seeing as the argument that ensued, inevitably wasted the time Erica was trying to save.

Praise and Vee

More self sabotage, as the housemates cut into their rehearsal time to bicker over creative differences. The housemates who were rehearsing their ‘no means no’ presentation had a very exhausting debate about the campaign slogan.

Praise who believed that ‘consent is consent’ was a wonderful slogan that got the point across, was met with opposition from Vee, who believed that people could misinterpret it and turn it to something harmful.

Her point was that consent can be withdrawn at anytime making the initial consent void, so consent is not consent, which is strange because consent being withdrawn doesn’t take away from the fact that consent is consent. Their individual points didn’t erode the other. It just seemed like a meaningless egocentric argument on who should have the final say.

They would however go on to argue this point, for an unnecessarily lengthy period of time, which again, put a dent on their rehearsal. They did eventually settle for ‘Consent is key.’ But Praise wasn’t too pleased with the decision, as he was seen sulking in the corner.

Lucy apologizes to Nengi

After Lucy’s fight with Erica, Lucy decided to do something that hasn’t been like her since she got to the house, she decided to make peace. Lucy and Nengi had a fight on Sunday over their behavioral differences, with Lucy being infuriated by Nengi’s choice to hang around the guys. Yesterday however, they had a heart to heart, and talked things through. In the end, Lucy apologized.


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A Day of Fun in the house

Asides a few altercations here and there, which is to be expected, the day was largely chilled, thanks to the games mobile phone company; Oppo, put together.

Musical Chairs

First the housemates were instructed to participate in a game of musical chairs. The boys had a separate competition from the girls. For the boys, Neo came out the winner, after a run with fellow finalist Ozo. And for the girls Nengi and Vee were the final contenders, with Nengi eventually getting the best of Vee.


Next was a game of charades, were housemates had to guess the features and specifications of the new Oppo Reno phone. A number of the housemates did an excellent job, but it would be the team of Erica and Praise that emerged victorious. They were awarded a cash prize of  N500,000 each and each an Oppo phone.

Lucy vents to Prince

During a conversation Lucy had with Prince, she spoke bitterly about two things that was bothering her. The first was about how she felt that the housemates didn’t appreciate her efforts for the task presentation. And the second was how unhygienic the housemates were.

She also pointed out her concern that her constant nagging over cleaning the house may have created a perception to the fans about her, that she is too confrontational.

Prince advised her to let go of things she has no control over. And he reassured her that her fans will certainly love her for who she is.

Housemates gets encouraging messages from fans

In a heartwarming display, all the housemates each got an adoring message from the fans, courtesy of Oppo mobile.

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