#YNaijaEndSARSupdates: Lawmaker Olusegun Akande, believes feeding #EndSARS protesters caused violence and looting in Lagos

The #EndSARS protest has not only exposed a lot of rot in the system, but it has also helped many youths realise that the political class can weaponise anything, including, hunger, just to keep the masses perpetually below the poverty line to achieve their selfish interests.

In a video circulating on social media, a Lagos lawmaker, Olusegun Akande, alleged that feeding the #EndSARS protesters was what led to the violence that ensued after hoodlums hijacked the protest.

He said:

“What would you expect from somebody who does not have anything to eat; morning, night; or who does not even know when he’s going to eat and you are providing them with food?”

Watch the video here:

Just how ridiculous does this sound? If not food, what else are you expected to give a hungry man or woman?

Why blame the youths for assisting one another in a common struggle against oppression and bad governance, in a system that pays no attention to their welfare? The youth attempted to create an efficient system of government for themselves during the #EndSARS protest, thereby, proving to the world that Nigeria has more than enough to cater to the welfare of its citizens.

Perhaps, the political class probably feel threatened by the level of efficiency they saw the youths exhibit- with a strong resolve to fix the terrible rot in the system. Rather than commend their efforts, they have chosen to turn a blind eye to all the positive things that the #EndSARS protest stood for; twisting the narrative in their favour, all the while pointing accusing fingers.

Food security obviously means nothing to them, if feeding the hungry is now an issue they find condemnable. It becomes clearer by the day why the political class have weaponised hunger to secure the votes of the masses and to achieve all other selfish interest of theirs. Some people easily exchange their votes for money during elections, not necessarily because they want to, but because they just want to put food on their table.

This also played out during the #EndSARS protest. Reports revealed that thugs were sponsored to hijack the protest, and some of these thugs were given N500 to unleash mayhem on the protesters. Come to think of it, if not hunger, what else would make a young man accept five hundred naira to harm or kill a fellow human being?

All this is a result of severe hunger in the land due to the high rate of unemployment. Poverty is endemic in a country considered to be the wealthiest in Africa. Sadly, it is a longstanding problem our leaders, in their flowing gowns, have turned a blind eye to. Yet, they dare blame the youth for attempting to help the hungry and feed the less privileged, when it is their job to address such faults in the system.


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