“We’ll give ONE WEEK of free sex if Eagles win the cup” – Association of Nigerian Prostitutes

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7 Responses

  1. idoko A. A says:

    foolish Elvins, what is special about sex. U don’t have respect 4 ur self. Don’t u know pre-marital sex is a sin? Any tin we do we must account 4 it when we die

  2. Naphtali Francis says:

    Does Nigerian Govt recognize and approve this associatn? I think such a thing should not exist in a xtian country like Nigeria. Jesica I sugest should be punished not only 4 being a registered prostitute but 4 her shamelessness

  3. nonye says:

    U guys shld keep ur mouth shot nd dnt judge anybody,ar u people God,u guy shld look for Job for dem nd see if dey wld nt work.

  4. Fer says:

    God? Sins? Christian country? You guys are kidding, right? I mean, being 2013 and all… you judging people according to some rules based on what some imaginary white-bearded fella told to mankind, that can only be some kind of bad joke.

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