$1 million for a dog? Check out 6 r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s ‘most expensive’ items in the world

by Lekan Olanrewaju

There’s an old saying that goes “If you’ve got it, spend it”. Or is it “flaunt it”? Whatever it is, it’s clear that despite all the talk of recessions and insolvent economies we hear about these days, there are people who still believe in spending big bucks—even, or perhaps especially when they are on seemingly ridiculous items. Here’s a list of six of the oddest, most expensive things in the world.

Costly Canine

Maybe it’s the fact Buddha is rumoured to have owned one, or maybe there’s just something cute about it. Whatever it is, something certainly caused someone to cough up a whopping $1.5 million for a red Tibetan mastiff. Yes, $1.5 million dollars for a dog. And while that may seem ludicrous, 11 month old Big Splash (the dog’s nickname) was raised for the very purpose of commanding big barks bucks. The dog was raised on a diet of beef, chicken, abalone and sea cucumbers.


From one outrageously priced pet to another

Canines and felines may be mortal enemies, but that doesn’t stop them both from demanding big figures to be owned; even if this cat happens to be a fictional one.

Yes, the world’s most expensive cat is a Hello Kitty doll.

Manufactured by Sanrio, together with Swarovski and Japanese crystal maker I.K, this cat is made of solid platinum, and adorned with several precious stones and with 1,939 pieces of white topaz, 403 pink sapphires, and a 1.027-carat. This doll, which was created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Hello Kitty brand, is valued at 15 million yen ($167,000).

High-priced ruminant

Third on the list and further proving that animals command big bucks is a $1 million cow. A red bovine named Apple was, in the United States auctioned to a group of partners from Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. Apparently the cow’s colour as well as genes and breeding potential made her a hot commodity, as bidding started at $200,000, before her new owners sealed the deal for $1 million.

For the gays…..or not

From a cow to a dress made of one. Next on our list is Lady Gaga’s meat dress. The Mother dumpster monster, in addition to a ton of awards on the night of the 2010 VMAs, got several people shocked, disgusted, and downright confused as to what different slabs of meat were doing on her body. Turns out her getup, complete with meat shoes and a meat purse no less, was meant to signify some sort of fight for gay rights, in particular the United States’ Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Yeah, you’re permitted to roll your eyes here. The attention seeker’s dress went on to be turned into jerky and put on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but a replica was made by in October of that year. The Steakhouse, located on Ninth Avenue, designed a meat costume made of 112 pounds of raw meat that included a 32-ounce rib eye steak hat and petite filet mignon shoes. The dress went on to be put up for sale for $100,000.

Locomotive confection

Next on our list is a cupcake car. No, not a car made of cupcakes (we doubt anyone who tried to manufacture such would be able to resist taking a bite of its confectionist goodness before the car was completed) but a car shaped like one. Sure, it sounds like something from an amusement park, but there’s probably someone out there willing to fork over $25000 to make up for some childhood lack of fun.

A King’s, er, “crown

Justin Bieber’s latest single ‘Boyfriend’ broke digital sales records in America, selling over 521000 copies in it’s debut week. This of course was no surprise really, as most of us are aware by now of the kind of crazed fans he attracts. But before the Biebs drew the attention of the Beliebers, there was one other white male who attracted psychotic adoration of his own. Yes, Elvis Presley, aka The King was known to inspire ridiculous levels of obsession in the public. So much so that one of his fans deemed it fit to purchase a clump of his hair for $15000. The locks, presumed to have been chopped off when Elvis joined the army in 1958, were sold at a Chicago auction house in October 2009.


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