MMM subscribers, Shoprite attendants + 8 other people you should not forget this Christmas

Christmas-themed articles are filled with everything you must do or avoid to have the most fun out of the holidays. But we often forget to think about those outside of our immediate circle which shouldn’t be the case. After all, ’tis the season to spread the love all around.

The other day, Oprah Winfrey was at Variety’s Power of Women Lunch where she gave an amazing speech about the power of belief and philanthropy. Interesting stuff from start to finish but what’s most interesting for our own purpose from that speech is an anecdote she shared about her best Christmas.

She was a poor kid for whom there was going to be no Christmas that year. Feeling sorry for herself while plotting the tales she’d tell the other kids at school about why she didn’t have any new toys, she was blessed with a Christmas miracle in form of a couple of nuns who came knocking at their door bearing gifts.

Okay. We’ve failed to tell it as powerfully as she did but it’s important. It wasn’t the gifts, she recollected in hindsight, that made it her best Christmas. It was knowing that someone thought of her without knowing who she was.

Back to Nigeria. You don’t really have to go knocking on every door bearing gifts; we just want to make sure that while you enjoy the merriment of your own Christmas, you don’t forget those who are scattered across the nation and for whom Christmas may not be happening this year.

Here goes:

The homeless everywhere

They’ll be roaming the streets; they’ll be under the Adeniji Adele flyover and under bridges everywhere; they may even hang around the parks and other public places. But we see them so often that it’s easy to look past them. They sometimes try to clean up nice for Christmas too so that doubles the chances of you not seeing them.

But remember them. And if you can, do something nice.

The Chibok Girls

The Government keeps talking about victory over the Boko Haram terrorists but we must all remember that there’ll be no real victory until all of our girls are brought back home to their families safe. Every single one.

So as you cuddle up under the warm duvet with your loved ones this Christmas, be thankful and remember our girls with a quick prayer for their safety.

Those who’ll spend Christmas at the airports

Just because they somehow trusted booked Arik Air. Why would anyone…?

Those who’ll be working during the holidays

From nurses to the doctors on call this weekend. Even those who work in media. Oh did you not think someone was writing this during the holidays for you to read? So remember. In fact, stop by any open offices you see. With food and gifts of course.

The Internally Displaced Persons in the North-East

If you haven’t already sent out donations to them, the least you can do is remember them with kindness.

MMM subscribers

Because we must offer quick prayers on their behalf that their profits are unfrozen in time to meet the harsh economic demands that January usually comes with.

Residents of Joseph Harrison Estate, Yaba

They are the ones who got the letters from the armed robbers earlier this month threatening them to pay up festive dues [yes, you read that right]. Let’s all remember them as we also double up on our security measures during the holidays.

Shoprite attendants everywhere

This is one is all because of you so you must spare some kind thoughts for. The question though is – why do you all wait for the 25th before you do your grocery shopping? Why?

The people still stuck in Aleppo

You must. It’s the least you can do.

Finally, remember our leaders

If you’d like to pray for them; good. But most importantly remember that we are still mad at them and cheap rice is not enough to placate us.

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