12 proven principles of getting rich, and anyone can use them

by Jesse Ford for Reach For Happy


There are laws that govern the process of getting rich and when applied by any one, the person is bound to become rich. The reality is that anyone who practices these principles knowingly or unknowingly becomes rich

n 1910, a man named Wallace Wattles published a book titled The Science of Getting Rich. He claimed that anyone who followed the process laid out in the book was bound to become rich with mathematical certainty. It turns out that since its publication and up until today, men and women have used the processes he laid out to become very rich. The processes in his book are summarized and outlined here in modern day English.

Anyone can follow the processes and become rich because getting rich is as a result of doing things in a CERTAIN WAY – like causes always produce like effects. Anyone with an imagination and some discipline follow the processes. These principles work regardless of your current financial status, profession, business, career, or geographic location.

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Principles from The Science of Getting Rich

Principle 1 – Create the Mental Image and Hold On To It
The force that created the earth is still working today. Creation is happening as you read this and thought is the only power that can produce tangible riches. Everything you see is a product of thought. Therefore you should create a picture of the things you desire. Thougt in the creative plane produces the thing that is held in that thought.

A person has the power to create the things he or she thinks about in a sustained and consistent way. Regardless of your current financial circumstances, in your mind you need to create a picture of what you desire. Create the thought in your mind and hold on to it.  You will notice that to think of your current reality and financial situation is easy and does not require much effort, however the power and secret lies in your ability to create the image you desire and hold on to it in your mind and hold onto it as truth.

A person who can think in a sustained and consecutive way of riches when in poverty and surrounded by poverty or the appearance of it, becomes a master mind. It is the first principle to practice to become rich. Thankfully there are processes and tools that can help. There are advanced visualization techniques available today that help to manifest your desires easier, faster, and effortlessly. Essentially you create motivational, customized movies of your mental images and it changes your entire life by your devoting just a few minutes a day. To create your customized movies of your mental images click here.

Hold the mental image of what you desire with positive certainty that it is being made and it is on its way to you.

Principle 2 – Know That It Is Your Right to Be Rich
Understand and accept that it is the will of the Creator for you to be rich. You do not serve God or humanity by being in lack of any kind. For these principles to work for you, you must understand and fully accept that it is God’s will for you to be rich.

Wealth and riches are created with these principles in the creative plane and not in the competitive plane, therefore rid your mind of the idea that you can only become rich when the universe takes from someone else and gives it to you; or that you have to cheat or defraud others. When you follow these principles, you move to the creative plane, do not therefore think that supplies are limited. Cultivate an abundance mentality.

The Creator of the Universe is still creating today.  Your creative power stays at work when you keep your mind and thoughts on the creative plane or else you enter into the competitive plane and halt your power to create. Never ever limit your thinking to the things that already exist, but understand and accept that what you desire and which you are holding in your mind in mental images is being created for you.

Principle 3 – Deliver Value
Operating in the creative plane means that as you engage in business dealings with others you should adopt a service culture where you are serving humanity. In business give to everyone more in use value than you take from them in cash value. Ensure that you deliver value to people; whether you are in business for yourself or you are in paid employment.

This means that you do not sell products or services for the sake of it, but rather you ensure that you are giving people use value. This applies regardless of your career; business, employment, etc.

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