16 things women think are very SEXY but men disagree

By: Krystle Crossman


Most women think they know what it is that turns men on. But in reality, these things that they are doing are not well received by men but they don’t want to say anything to their ladies.

1. Squeezing his [email protected] They are not stress [email protected], so there is no reason to be squeezing them.

2. Pulling on the pen!s – It is just like yanking on the cord of a dinner bell. It is not s*xy so don’t do it!

3. Making them work for it when it comes to chasing you. Men don’t find this amusing at all, and the more you play hard to get, the less attractive you will be to them.

4. Dry or rough hand jobs. Ouch. It is not a shake weight, you don’t need to be so rough. This could turn a man off very quickly.

5. Being too loud and too fake. They know that they are not starring in their own private p0rn0 movie, so you don’t need to act like a **** star. It is fine when you are really getting excited, but not the whole way through.

6. Playing with the nipples. Seriously, it does nothing for them so don’t waste your time.

7. Bragging about how well you give head. This just sets you up for failure.

8. Waiting for them to make the first move. It is more of a turn on when the woman makes the first move, not the guy.

9. Having $ex even though you really don’t want to just to make him happy. He will know you are not into it and that takes all the fun out of it.

10. Sticking your finger in his **** with no warning. Just…no.

11. Shaving every little part of your body. Men don’t care if there is some stubble. It is what it is.

12. Calling yourself fat. This just makes everyone upset.

13. Holding in your farts or pretending you don’t go number two. They know you do, so just do it.

14. Thinking that every $exual encounter needs to end in [email protected] It doesn’t. Just let things go naturally.

15. Don’t put your tongue in their pee hole. They don’t like it.

16. Do not talk baby talk. It’s not cute, it’s not funny; it is annoying.


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  1. No 1 and 2, very true. No 6, I don’t agree

  2. Ds writer doesnt knw next 2 shit abt wht men wnt in sex frm women. Stupid blunder!

  3. I totally agree with No. 6.

  4. Xtremely correct.Most especially the pulling of the manhood

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