4 easy steps to taking your woman to the climax

by Rose Surnow


Most women need 30 to 60 minutes of clitoral stimulation to orgasm—and most women orgasm during oral sex. A few minutes of kissing/breast play won’t cut it. Before they plunge into your holiest of holies, make sure you’re warmed up.

Never Touch a Clitoris with a Dry Hand

When you get a massage, they rub your body with oil, right? Same goes for genitals. Repeated skin-on-skin contact = chafe city. Try different lubricants to increase the sensation.

It’s Okay to Say What You Want

It’s your body and you know what you like best. Don’t be afraid to give them direction (“Harder, faster, slower,” etc.) If you want that raise, you have to ask for it…same goes for orgasms.

The Combination Orgasm

Combining clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration will increase the intensity of your orgasms. Don’t be afraid to reach down and stimulate your own clitoris during sex. A confident woman who knows her body is the ultimate turn on.

Shattering the Slut Stigma

Keep in mind that shame and guilt will kill your orgasms. Whether or not sex is casual or in a relationship shouldn’t affect how you feel about yourself. (Reminder: Ninety-five percent of Americans have premarital sex.)
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