“I can’t recall”, “I can’t disclose”, “Do you like spy fiction?” | Watch the best 5 exchanges from Jeff Sessions’ testimony

There’s no need to mince the words, Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday was no testimony at all. Somewhere between his decision to reel out Donald Trump’s magnificent achievements in the short time he’s being in office and all of his inability to comment on “this, that and that”, it became clear that Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions was there to protect Donald Trump’s behind.

Plain and simple. He even said it himself. When the Independent Senator Angus King from Maine asked him about the basis of his refusal to answer any of the questions relating to his conversations with the President even when he’d testified that he had no right to invoke executive privilege nor has the President asserted his right to conceal his own private conversations, Sessions replied that he was simply “protecting the right of the president to assert it if he chooses”.

Fair enough.

Notwithstanding all of his stonewalling, (he told one of the senators he was not stonewalling) there were a few revealing exchanges between Mr Sessions and Committee members and we have supplied 5 of those here.


The one with Senator Harris

This one simply underscored the fact that Sessions’ answers so far made it look like he’d come for the hearing unprepared.

The one with Senator Heinrich

Look, Senator Heinrich did not come here to play. It was like, if you cannot answer my questions, I have no words for you. But I’ll say this: “I think your silence, like the silence of Director Coats, like the silence of Admiral Rogers [in reference to June 7’s hearings] speaks volumes.”

The one with Senator Risch

This is the one where the Attorney-General revealed how loyal he is to Donald Trump. Listen for the bombshell “maybe” around 3:53.

The one with Senator Cotton

Wait, how did we get into espionage movies? This one was even more surprising than Senator McCain’s line of questioning at Comey’s hearing.

Did he really just ask if he liked James Bond?

I mean what even is this hearing? “It’s just like Through the Looking Glass” ???

Really? But if someone had laughed now…

The one with Senator Feinstein

Not only did she push him to discuss his role in the firing  James Comey despite having recused himself from the Russia investigations – “this Russia thing” being the reason Comey was fired – Senator Dianne Feinstein also made it clear that  Mr Sessions’ choice to avoid answering some questions when he could just say no says a lot.

The one with Senator Wyden

He literally hit him with “stop stonewalling” soon as he started.

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