5 girly things guys like doing

by Krysle Crossman

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You may think that your guy is the toughest and most macho of them all, but did you know that there are some things of yours that he is secretly coveting? Little do you know, he may be slipping into the bathtub with some bubbles, a candle, and putting on some relaxing music.

Here are five things that are pretty girly but guys like them too according to blogger, Aaron Traister:

1. Bubbles and Loofahs:

If you have bath products that smell good there is a good chance that your guy has tried them out at least once. They get tired of smelling like Irish Spring and Old Spice. Every now and then they want something a little more delicate. There is nothing wrong with that. It is fun for guys to try out new products that they wouldn’t dare buy for themselves such as a flowery scented shaving cream.

2. Your clothes:

Yep, he may try on your clothes sometimes. No, he is not switching over to dressing in drag. There is a big difference between the material that is used for women’s clothing and men’s clothing. Women’s t-shirts after often made of a much softer material while men have to deal with rough and itchy cotton material.

3. Your reading material:

Men’s magazines are often pretty limited when it comes to education materials. Guns & Ammo just doesn’t stimulate their intellectual side. Every now and then your man may grab your copy of Essence or Glamour. He may even grab Cosmo and see what types of things you will not try with him in bed.

4. Food that isn’t meat:

Yes, men actually do eat food that does not contain meat once in a while! Every now and then a man will sit down with a delicious salad. Of course they may throw some bacon bits on there, but still, they are going for lighter fare.

5. Chick flicks:

There are some men out there who can appreciate a good sob-fest. They may identify with one of the main male characters and the angst that he is feeling over his long lost love.


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