7 positive things to tell yourself when things turn hopeless

by Holly Riordan


When life seems pointless, use positivity. It can be incredibly difficult, but it’s worthwhile. What do you tell yourself when you’re upset?

There are positive things to tell yourself when you’re feeling down. It’s dangerous to sulk in your sadness and as hard as it is, you have to try to make your mind a happier place. Don’t let yourself believe that it’s pointless to keep living your life. Start changing your attitude by reading these positive things to tell yourself.

1. You Have The Power to Change Your Life

One of the positive things to tell yourself is that you have the potential to change your situation. Look at Robert Downey Jr. He suffered through drug addiction, jail time, and rehab. Now he’s one of the most talented, respected actors who’s starred in multiple movies. Never give up hope, because there will be moments in life worth living for. Even if your current situation is rough, that can change.

2. You’re Stronger than You Think

Be proud that you’ve made it this far in life. You’ve made it through countless arguments, bad days, and embarrassing moments. You’ve endured difficult things and you’ll have the willpower to make it through more. Remember how far you’ve come and know that you’re a strong person. Even if you don’t believe that’s true, reading this means you’re alive, so you must be stronger than you think.

3. Your past Is a Memory

If your past makes you cringe, focus on something else. Everyone has memories that make them sick to think about. If you can use your past mistakes as reminders to be a better person, that’s great. But if it only brings pain, push the thoughts away. Tell yourself that your past is your past and not an indication of your future.

4. People Love You

Sometimes clichés are true. Whether it’s a parent, friend, or boyfriend, someone loves you. Just because they don’t show their emotions doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If it seems like they’re pushing you too hard, it’s only because they care. Your family and friends want you to have the best life possible and for that to happen, they might have to be stern.

5. You Can’t Rush Success

If you’re worried about what your future holds, remember to take life one day at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed with whether or not you’ll succeed with your goal of becoming a teacher. Start small. Take the classes you need to take, tutor, and go on job interviews when you’re ready. Don’t rush things or you’ll stress yourself out more than you should.

6. Others Are in The Same Boat

Whatever you’re feeling, you’re not the only one in the world to feel that way. Plenty of people think that their existence is useless and that their life is going nowhere. It doesn’t mean that your emotions are unimportant. It just means that others have gone through what you have and have come out alright. You can survive too.

7. Happiness Is a Choice

If your feel like your life is horrible, you can still take moments out of the day to be happy. Use escapism by watching a movie or reading a book. Or just have a conversation with your friends. Just remember that you have the power to make choices that can lead to happiness. So don’t isolate yourself from those you love or punish yourself by refusing to do things that bring you joy.

When life seems pointless, use positivity. It can be incredibly difficult, but it’s worthwhile. What do you tell yourself when you’re upset?


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  1. Life s a journey that he/she may experience some pot holes but, never look back before you knew it, u ve get to your destination. It rough before its get smooth.

  2. Life is not easy sometime but it depends on what u forces mind or ur background

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