8 secrets to attracting the lover of your dreams

from Jesse Ford for Reach For Happy

Firstly, deal with your internal state and clear the pessimism. Know that there is someone out there for you who also wants to be happy and will appreciate you completely for the person that you are.

Everyone has a deep desire to be happy in their life and for most people, having a romantic partner to share their life with puts them in a happy place. They are at peace, and productive in all other endeavors. If you want to meet someone and start a relationship that will bring happiness and fulfillment to your life, it all begins with meeting that person.

So how do you do it? You can start from where you are in your life at this moment and go through these pathways which will take you into the happy relationship you desire. Firstly, deal with your internal state and clear the pessimism. Know that there is someone out there for you who also wants to be happy and will appreciate you completely for the person that you are.

These Pathways Will Lead You Into a Relationship With the Person Who Is
Right For You

1. Involve the Divine: Everyone has different beliefs and faiths. Ultimately the Divine
Power is the mover of events and creator of destinies. You are the co-creator of your
life and experiences by what goes on in your mind and what you focus and dwell upon,
and the actions you take. You should involve the Divine by stating your intentions and
asking for help and guidance. Access a full system to help you find your soul mate.

2. Pursue Your Interests: Whoever is right for you will be someone that
complements you in some way and you will definitely be able to be yourself with.
As you pursue your true interests and live in a happy state, you will encounter
the person. Whether the person has similar interests or not, the act of being out there pursuing your interests puts you in the path to finding the right person.

3. Become a Magnet for Love: Be happy now and be in love now. This emits
positive energy along the lines of attracting a partner. The fastest way to attract
love is to be in love. Of course it sounds crazy if you are single at the moment and
actually looking for someone you can have a loving and fulfilling relationship with.
However, that is one important pathway to achieving your goal quickly. Be in love.
Feel like you would feel if you were in love and happy, feel it in your mind and let
the emotions flood through your being. Learn how to become a magnet for
love and attract the person who is right for you.

4. Be Open: Often people offer to introduce you to people so you could explore a relationship. In some cases many people are averse to it. The truth is that the person
who is right for you whom you are looking for is a person as well, and equally likely
to be introduced to you by someone. So be open to getting introduced to people
and also be open to going to social events where you are invited to because it is a
chance to meet people and also be introduced to someone.

5. Interact With People and Enlist an Army of Helpers: It is absolutely acceptable and appropriate to inform your close family and friends about your quest and enlist them as helpers. They will also help you through introductions and recommendations. It is a good pathway.

6. Be Calm and Relaxed In Your Quest: Be relaxed and get rid of all forms of anxiety. It is going to happen and you do not want to project the wrong type of energy associated with desperation.

7. Live Life With Authenticity: Embrace the real YOU. The real you is better, more in touch, and is best placed to attract the right person whom you could build a lasting relationship with. Align with your authentic self.

8. Become a Better Person: It goes without saying that we all have wish lists of qualities we want in a romantic partner.  It therefore stands to reason that you will meet and attract someone with the qualities on your wish list as you work on your own qualities that would reasonably show up on someone else’s wish list. Learn how to make a wish list and attract the person into your life. Work on the big things and the little things, but don’t be obsessive about it. Remember, live life with authenticity.


Jesse Ford is a developer, author, and publisher. His interest and expertise is new thought, spirituality, personal development, and utilizing your inner power. Visit Reach for Happy ( to get more information, tools, and resources that can guide and help you to create a brighter, happier, and more fulfilling life.


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