Alleged man-eater, Clifford Orji, dies in prison after 13 years without trial

Isi Esene

It has been confirmed that the alleged cannibal, Clifford Orji, is dead. Orji has been detained in Kirikiri prisons for the past thirteen years without going on trial for his alleged crime.

The acting Public Relations officer, Lagos State Prison Command, Mr. Biyi Jeje, confirmed Orji’s death saying , “As at Thursday Orji was fine, but on Friday morning he died in his sleep. The cause of his death is still unknown but an autopsy is being performed.”

Recent reports have revealed that the alleged man-eater’s health had progressively deteriorated and his mental state was also questioned.

While speaking on Orji’s failing health a few months ago, the deputy comptroller of the prison, Mr. Noel Ailewon, said Orji was in a bad state.

“Orji’s health is getting worse. He has gone completely mad, vomiting and even defecating without restraint and is naked most of the time,” he said.

A director in the Office of the Public Defender, Mrs. Omotola Rotimi, said Orji’s case is a pathetic one because they have tried but could not find proper medical attention for him.

“Initially, we took Orji to Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, but was rejected because they claimed they did not have long-term medical facilities. Subsequently, he was taken to another hospital in Ewekoro but was similarly rejected,” she said.

Orji, was arrested 13 years ago under the bridge at Toyota Bus Stop, along the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway. He was found with roasted human flesh and bones, a cell phone, female underwear, and a cheque for N88,000.

He was subsequently charged before an Ebute-Meta Magistrate’s Court, on February 19, 1999 but have not gone on trial till his death on Friday aged 46.

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  1. the detention is just to hide and protect his ally in the crime the high and the mighty in Nigeria are part of his crime ……the only way to cover up is to place him unjustly in long metal tortured his right as a Nigerian was denied ….if boko haram could bag amnesty what stopped this man …only God will punish humanity with true justice ..yes he has suffered so much for his crime

  2. his awaiting trail for 13yrs is bad omen but orji deserve more than that

  3. Why won’t they detained him for so long? He was a govt machinery i guess.

  4. This is evidence that we don't value life and human right in Nigeria

  5. Some body like cliford deserve not living but suppose to go with his collaberators if he was tried, so kudos for the cover up. THE one that see hiding things see it all.

  6. Some of the things that happens in this country sounds like fiction stories. How can somebody be held in detention for thirteen whole years without trial, only God, the Presidency and maybe the powers that never wanted Orji to appear in court knows what the Minister of Justice is doing about this whole thing. There are still many others like Orji who still waiting for their days in court, can somebody help them?

  7. he deserves to die after killing and eaten innocent ppl and eaten der flesh

  8. This has proved once again that justice is for sale in the country. I'm sure that if Orji's relatives had surfaced after his arraignment, the prosecutor would have had someone to lean on to collect gratifications in order for orji's case to come to trial. in the absence of such, the man died bcos he will not/cannot afford to pay anyone to take him to court.Imagine 13years awaiting trial! it's simply inhuman. Nigeria we need to wake up!

  9. what is the value we place on human life in Nig? there is no equality before the law in this country at least when an offender is caught he is only a suspect until proven guilty but the reverse is the case for our justice system hmm pathetic.

  10. Why was him not tried and who do you want to believe that the said man was cliford, police relation officer please dont fool us the more.

  11. 13 solid years after arrest, no trial? Where is "human right" in Nigeria? Some authorities should be ashamed of telling the public this kind of thing. Haba? Do we really have human rights in Nigeria?

  12. Why was not tried? U KNOW THE ANSWER AND I DO. But who will bell the cat. Only can help us in this sinfull world.

  13. He is not dead just finished serving his jail terms, now he is a free man. Nigeria I hail thee

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