Was ‘Yvonne Nelson, I lost your medicine’ really a diss? – Iyanya’s Tim Westwood freestyle: An analysis

by SK Johnson


Over the weekend the internet was hit with news of a certain freestyle performance Iyanya gave while over at Tim Westwood’s studio in the UK. In particular, some lyrics he added, seemingly spur of the moment, to his song “Your Waist,” raised a couple of eyebrows. Well, to be fair, simply mentioning the name “Yvonne Nelson” so soon after she gave an interview where she pretty much called him a lying, cheating scumbag. Okay, those weren’t her exact words, but you get the point.

Anyway, his freestyle has been taken by many to be something of a diss to Yvonne Nelson, something we are not so sure about. Below we present an analysis of the “controversial” lyrics in question, and offer suggestions as to what they might actually mean.

1.      “Yvonne Nelson, I lost your medicine.”

Okay this part is pretty self-explanatory. Iyanya lost medicine meant for someone called Yvonne Nelson. Fairly straightforward. But then, why did Iyanya have Yvonne Nelson’s medicine to begin with? Iyanya isn’t a doctor, after all, neither is he a pharmacist; unless of course he runs an undercover medical practice while using his music career as a front. A logical explanation would be that Yvonne Nelson was sick, and Iyanya, being the nice guy that he is, went to get medicine for her.  Unfortunately Iyanya’s niceness has no bearing on carefulness, or lack, thereof, as he ended up losing said medicine. A pity.

2.       “Yvonne Nelson, I have your medicine.”

Well, this part is kind of odd. First he lost her medicine and all of a sudden he has it again? Or is he thinking back to the time when he had the medicine for whatever illness he was trying to help her with? Our conclusion here is that Iyanya ran back to the drugstore to get another pack of medicine for Ms Nelson.

3.       “All I want is your waist, no emotions, no tears, no letters, no love, no nothing.”

So this is where it becomes clear what the problem really is; Yvonne Nelson suffers from waist pains. This should have been clear from the beginning really, considering some of her poses in her recent promo shots.

Exhibit A

Posing like that can’t possibly be comfortable. Iyanya, on the other hand, in all his benevolence, is concerned about her waist. It’s all he can think about. But the waist pains are quite a lot for poor Yvonne to bear, and she’s been crying; so Iyanya makes it his mission to make sure she gets better, and her waist pains go away for good; he wants her to stop crying, (“no emotions, no tears”) and for her to feel relief (“no nothing”). Ah, that Iyanya, such a nice guy.

4.       “All I want is your waist, she ain’t even know it.”

At this point Yvonne has taken her medicine, and her pain has been relieved. So much so that she’s barely even aware that the pain was ever present – “she ain’t even know it.”

5.      “She brought emotions.

Yvonne is overcome with emotion as she realizes Iyanya has helped her heal. She’s happy, and thankful.

So at this point it’s quite clear that Iyanya was actually not dissing Yvonne Nelson as we all previously assumed, but was simply trying to tell us how kind he was to her, using his carefully layered and intricately worded lyrics.

Check the video out below, in case you missed it before.

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