Aristo Chronicles – Georgina, by Oluwatoyin Idowu

Circumstances could have favored anyone. Anyone of the billions of humans in the world. That it favored Georgina was completely incidental, she was no one special. Just another faceless Jambite. A freshman at the University of Lagos, Akoka.

The day began with a heavy downpour. It started raining very early in the morning, at about five am. None of the boarders at the Empress Lodge were up. They snuggled deeper into their blankets and duvets at the sound of thunder and torrents of rain. It was the perfect excuse to sleep in and skip lectures for as long as the downpour lasted. Georgina had a room on the ground floor of the two storey building. It was a two man room, one she shared with her friend, Amanda.

The two friends were in the same department at the university. First year accounting students. They did everything together. Attended lectures, hung out with the same group of friends; had a shared love of fashion and had crushes on the same man. They even slept on the same bed and were the epitome of sisterly bond. Amanda and Georgina looked out for each other.

The rain persisted till mid-day. Once it ceased, the hostel came alive with a burst of activities. Georgina and Amanda had afternoon lectures, so they rushed through the rituals of bathing, dressing and making up. At about a quarter to one, the girls left the hostel and took a cab to the university campus. It was just a few kilometers away. The next lecture on their timetable was BUS 101, an introductory course in Business Administration.

The lecturer was already in class, so Georgina and Amanda tiptoed in and went straight to the back. Dr Agbaje eyed the girls as they sashayed across the lecture hall. He removed his pair of glasses, cleaned them on the sleeve of one hand and put them on again. Yes, he thought so. That other girl, the thinner one, was not wearing a bra. He had warned the students in his class that he would not tolerate any inappropriate dressing. Even if she was on the bustless side, there was no excuse for the two jutting points straining against her red sleeveless tank top.

“Georgina Anderson.” He called out in a stern voice. “Come here.” Waving a hand, he motioned for her to join him at the front of the class. Georgina rose from the chair she was seating on and walked tentatively to the front. The rest of the class had gone quiet, watching the scene with keen interest.

“What are you wearing?” he lashed out when she paused a few feet away from him. “Look at you, you’re not wearing a bra. Everyone can see your nipples. Is that the type of upbringing you received at home?”

Georgina stared at the lecturer dumbfoundedly. What the hell, half the class was laughing! She folded her arms defensively across her chest and refused to speak. He has no right! She thought as angry tears stung the back of her eyelids.

“You are a disgrace!” Doctor Agbaje concluded and dismissed, “When you’re probably dressed, I want to see you in my office. Now get out of my class!”

Georgina stormed out on shaky feet. Seconds later, Amanda joined her on the corridor. They linked arms and strolled along together. “Don’t mind him Georgina. He’s just a stupid old fool,” Amanda said.

“Yes he is.” Georgina replied affectedly. The annoying thing was that she hadn’t even done it on purpose. She had honestly forgot to wear an inner. Usually, she would forgo a bra in favor of a bra top because her frontal assets were diminutive at best. I hate that man, Georgina thought. Dr Agbaje had completely embarrassed her in the class today.

I wish I could get back at him. Agbaje needs to be taught a lesson. You just don’t embarrass someone in front of an entire class of their peers. You just don’t.

“You need to teach him a lesson,” Amanda suggested, with a twinkle in her eye. The friends looked at each other, Georgina smiled. Yes! An untaught man needed to be taught a lesson. She had a secret that only Amanda was aware of. One of the many things they had in common. The girls formulated a plan as they returned to the hostel. It was agreed that Georgina would test the waters with the lecturer. A man was a man. If he sucuumbed, her revenge would be complete.

The lecture was over by the time they got back to the campus. Georgina went to Dr Agbaje’s office and knocked on the door. “Come on in,” the lecturer said from behind a large mahogany desk. He eyed Georgina as the latter walked forward. Okay, this is more like it. Now she’s looking like a well-dressed young woman. Georgina curtsied in greeting and waited silently as Dr Agbaje made a big show of surveying her attire. She had worn a bra and changed into a long sleeve shirt.

“Now that you’ve changed into something more decent, don’t you feel better about yourself?” he asked wryly. Georgina nodded meekly and apologised.

“I’m sorry sir, what happened earlier was a mistake. It won’t happen again. ”

“That’s okay,” Dr Agbaje said and licked his lips. “You probably felt I was harsh with you in class, but you’re one of the students I have great hopes for. You did very well in the last test.”

“Thanks to you.” Georgina said mildly. And the five thousand naira I paid for expo. Dr Agbaje got up from the chair and moved around the room. He turned the key in the lock and turned to face Georgina.

“I told Speedy not to collect any money from you,” he said, placing both hands on her shoulders. “You are a pretty girl Georgie.” Georgina leaned closer to him and let him catch a proper sniff of her perfume. The old geezer was finally exposing himself. So this is what he wanted all along?


“Eh…Georgina…,” Dr Agbaje pulled her closer and nuzzled her neck. “Speedy told me that you’re a very resourceful girl. He said you do amazing things to your customers.”

Georgina frowned in distaste, making a mental note never to work with Speedy again. She responded to Dr Agbaje’s caresses with feigned enthusiasm. God knows he brought it on himself. This one is not on me.

Within a few minutes, their clothes were off. Dr Agbaje made do with the office desk. In time, Georgina blew his mind with her ‘resourcefulness’. After three rounds, Dr Agbaje was exhausted.

“Oh my Georgie, you’re amazing.” He panted a while later. Georgina smiled sweetly and put on her clothes. Dr Agbaje wore the look of a satisfied glutton.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it sir. I always aim to satisfy my customers, even though eventually, they might end up hating me.”

“Haba,” Dr Agbaje protested as he put on his trousers. “How can any man hate a treasure like you? We have to do this again Georgie. As long as you keep satisfying me, I will make sure you receive a distinction in my course.”

Georgina turned the lock and gave him a backward glance. “Oh, that would be my pleasure.” She said with a soft laugh. “Just call me anytime you want.”

Dr Agbaje laughed in delight. That was six months ago. Speedy and the lecturer shared a drink one friday evening at a bar in town. Dr Agbaje had not seen Georgina in a couple of months. In fact, after the semester break, he doubted if she had resumed in school at all.

“Where’s Georgie?” he asked Speedy. “I miss that girl o. The other one you brought for me is not like her. Georgina knows how to please a man.”

Speedy looked at the lecturer and shook his head. “It’s unfortunate sir, but I learnt that Georgina is dead. She died a couple of weeks ago at a private clinic in Ikeja.”

“Whaaaaaat? … you must be kidding!” Dr Agbaje exclaimed. “What killed her? Oh no, what a pity! Such a beautiful …”

“She died of AIDS sir,” Speedy interrupted maliciously. He had been waiting for the opportunity to drop this bomb all evening. His amusement amplified as Dr Agbaje’s face lost all its colour.

“AIDS? Oh my God! Speedy…tell me you’re joking…” Dr Agbaje began to tremble on the stool. After the first encounter in his office, Georgina had serviced him several times at the guest house as well. AIDS? Mogbe! Aye mi ti baje … his two hands went involuntarily to his head.

“Speedy…,” Dr Agbaje called out in a daze. AIDS? Arghhhh … iMogbe oooo … Mogbe!


“Yes?” Speedy replied, raising an indifferent brow. He gulped down the last of his drink and stood to his feet. “Thanks for the drink sir, I need to get going.”

“Speedy…” Dr Agbaje called out again, moving one hand to his chest. The young man strolled out of the bar and didn’t look back. Dr Agbaje slumped helplessly to the floor.

He died of heart attack.


Written by Idowu Oluwatoyin (@tee_hidee)

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