Big Brother StarGame Daily Di-Gist #22: Is DKB sexist?

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Big brother stargame logo

by Denike & Ifedayo

Lady May signed a warning note to Roki, who came in the ladies’ room to check Maneta, that no boys should come around as it wasn’t their chilling room. Our West African, English speaking brethren are in trouble as Ghana and Botswana became the 5th and 6th countries to be nominated last night.

During the diary session after Mampi’s eviction, everyone expressed their feelings on what had happened. Barbz, Lady May, Roki, Zainab and Maneta all shared a common thought as the said they were both sad and happy; sad because she’s gone but happy because she wanted out.

For Goldie, Prezzo and DKB, they were less sad, more happy as they literally termed their farewells as ”Good riddance”.

Diary session at the Downville showcased a whole host of relationship issues. Oh my goodness! Seydou complained about Esperanca’s lack of reciprocity while Esperanca didn’t talk much about it. She wouldn’t even answer most of Biggie’s questions.

Tamara complained about the relationship between Seydou and her sister and said she wasn’t ready to nurse her sister’s broken heart if anything goes wrong. Talia couldn’t deny the fact that she was into Seydou a lot and she said she was willing to take her chances.

Mildred and Keitta too have had some issues and are almost on the verge of breaking up. Mildred said the relationship wasn’t going on so smooth because they weren’t spending quality time together. They have nothing but time to spend together, what does she mean, “quality time”?

After a crazy weekend of revolt, alcohol was finally delivered to the Downville housemates. The head of the house, Keagan warned about drinking in moderate amounts (such a good man, swimming against the tide) and encouraged everyone to act in their best behaviour. They all agreed as the celebrated their first taste of alcohol since last week. That’s a lesson to you folks: kicking and throwing a tantrum like little kids will get you everything from Biggie.

Edith, Keagan, Lee, Wati, Nafe and Alex were nabbed for smoking in the toilet, contrary to the rules of Biggie which is that they should smoke only outside the house. Seydou, the regular scapegoat and Talila have often stayed up late talking with their microphones off, in violation of the rules.

All eight housemates will have to be tied together by string for 36 hours straight. The only time they’d be out is if they wanna go ease themselves.

DKB and Zainab had a huge knock down, drag out fight (figuratively speaking). Zainab complained that DKB was always disrespectful for saying bad things about other celebrities. DKB fired back at her and called her a celebrity wannabe. Following other things they said to each other, Zainab came at DKB and said she was sure DKB gets all his jokes from Google. OUCH.

DKB retaliated quickly, her feelings when he told her she hasn’t graduated into womanhood yet, based on the fact that she hadn’t cooked since they entered the Upville. Prezzo immediately dragged DKB into the room, while Barbz went to comfort Zainab who was already crying. That was some sexist nonsense right there, and more fool Zainab who fell for the “your womanhood is defined by your kitchen skills” idiocy.

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