Blecyn George: Timi’s cruel set-up …Episode 1 (Y! Fiction)

by Blecyn George

Episode one


He storms out of his mother’s room, Mrs. Alice shakes her head in disbelieve as she gaze at Timi leaving her room. “let me see to how you’ll leave this house” she mutters….

Weeks before National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Camp

Timi Horsefall wipes his brow on his arms as he looks at the locally constructed weight lift in front of him, which he just dropped. Droplets of sweat sparkle on his tan complexioned skin while one drop dance down his broad chest and settles on his left nipple. Weight lifting is like a ritual which Timi is obligated to observe every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning and when he fails to, he feels some aberration. Only except he notices that he is getting too macho that he will relent for few weeks. Timi is a sexy, hot, funny awesomely perfect (permit me to use this word) gentleman, with a broad shoulder, protracted chest, the vein that runs through his arms as a result of his weight lift sends shivers down the spines of any girl who beholds him. Even his male folks envy his body build. He often goes on long sleeve to keep ladies gaze from clinging to his perfectly built body which he crowned with a heart shaped perfect masculine face, and a lovely adam apple which movement causes stare as it glides through his throat’s inner skin. Timi walks into his room with a white towel tied around his tiny curvy bony waist, he looks himself up in a standing mirror and often gives a salute smiling slightly at himself “I am going to nowhere but Abuja, those were my exact words few weeks before the Nysc call up number came out and here I am, proudly posted to Abuja, and in few weeks I will be off to camp, where I will grace the finest of women” thinks for a while “and maybe I’ll likely choose a wife… laughs “wife, did I say wife?” he question himself “I count myself privileged” he says to himself. A loud authoritative female voice calls from a distance, maybe from the room before or after his room, Timi ignores, move to his closet, bringing out some clothes from his closet, he reach for his box which is placed up of his closet. Timi is getting ready to be in Nysc camp, not just that but Abuja camp which have international students, kids of politicians who care to serve their country, highly connected girls who might probably fall for his awesome look, whatzup boys (cougars, classy, on point, dress to kill, etc.) who he might blend with to keep his ego high, beautiful Ajebo (rich) kids who he will have the best of his three weeks with and maybe a whole year. This is one of the few best camps which most Nigerian graduates crave for and Timi is fortunate being among those sent to Abuja, after saving up 50 thousand naira to runs it though. Timi pace about in his room in extreme happiness as he tries out the Michael Jackson’s moonwalk……..

Few days before Nysc camp

Perplexed Mrs Alice burst into Timi’s room, she is Timi’s mother who struggled to see Timi through school, her husband who was diagnosed of leukaemia passed on when Timi was barely 10years old. It didn’t take long for Mrs Alice Horsefall to put the tragedy of her husband’s death behind her, because she sees him through Timi’s eyes, fortunately for her, Timi tested negative/have no genetic evidence of contracting the deadly cancer that took his father’s life. At least this is one thing she and Timi are forever thankful for. She’s one of the happiest women to see her child go to serve his country but then she’s doleful Timi is leaving her for Abuja, she feels it is too far, unsafe and she wishes Timi changes his mind.

Beside Timi has no relative, friends or whatsoever to live with while in Abuja, so how is he going to survive, those were her thoughts for the past few weeks after Timi came to her, telling her he got posted to Abuja… “Why won’t you just revert this whole Abuja plan, you’ve got no one to put up with, don’t think I am ready to pay some outrageous amount for rent… there have also been cases of bomb blast lately in Abuja, all these sums up to why you should give up on your so called Abuja posting”, teary “do you want to kill me with hypertension?” she ask. At this point, Timi is furious, wishing he had left the house before his mother got back home from work or maybe she never did come back, abruptly Timi replies “Mom I will be fine, Abuja is not that far, I will always come home, all you should do is worry less and pray more”… he utters with his masculine voice “You can get all you want here in Port-Harcourt or better still Akwa Ibom state, Cross River state or any nearby states” she stutters while dropping that last sentence then continue,” people are over there wishing they were here and here you are running far away from the base of fortune” take a step forward, giving Timi a quizzical/terrified look “ son, we can work something out” she says… “Mother, the problem with you is that you are selfish and greedy…” Mrs Alice is astounded on hearing those words from her only son, Timi continue… “I really don’t want to indulge in this conversation furthermore, please let go and let God”… before he could speak further, Mrs Alice cut in “But you should obey me for once, especially when it is a matter of security and safety, you know me too well, you know I don’t push you so hard against your wish”… Timi unable to curtail his anger he speaks “Mom, that was because I always agreed to your plans, your way and your suggestions, I went to school from home because you told me to, you tell me which friend to roll with and which not to roll with… Mrs Alice interrupts him, lifting her left palm in the air, sternly she speaks “watch your language” “Mom, this is not the time to watch my words or phrase, the time has come for you to understand that I am a grown man…” touches his facial beards dramatically “and these are beards…” Mrs Alice turns her face away“Mom sorry if I sound offensive but I think it is right time I tell you how exactly I feel… dramatizing as he taps his left fingers with his right forefinger …. You practically dictate everything about my life since I was a child till this moment. Mom for this once let me make my choice!Fine, go ahead and make your choice, I don’t totally blame this on you, this whole mess was caused by NYSC, I wonder why of all places it is Abuja they choose to post you…” Speaking meekly now “all I am saying is, we can change this …” Timi giggles and blurt immediately “Mom I paid 50 thousand naira to someone who worked Abuja for meand you are not going to let me waste that catch Mrs Alice face is written off with surprise, she felt like a fool and wish she had done something about this whole posting thing since before now, only if she knew her son had a plan. She slowly lift her forefinger, wagging it at Timi as she wears a quizzical protracted look “you mean you paid 50 thousand naira just to be posted to Abuja, I hope you don’t regret this” “Mom, I won’t regret it…”  before he could finish his statement she storms out of his room looking perturbed as she walks in sashay way, Mrs Alice could contest for MBGN (Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria); if she wishes to, she looks way better than those mamas who contested in 2012, her body shape is perfectly intact, her breast still points to give any man a wild glance, her tiny waist sit perfectly on her envious well curved ass, her open teeth looks somewhat artificial but it all perfectly caved by God, her tiny eyes are killers and her natural long hair will keep you guessing if her descent was of Spanish… when she is out with her son, people ponder on whether he is a friend, husband or brother. Oh no wonder Timi looks drop dead handsome…..

A Day before Timi leaves for camp

Timi walks into his mother’s room, “good morning Mom” “Morning” she replies. I’ve come to get the cash you promised me “oh dear, I planned on giving you something really reasonable but… Reach for her wallet bringing out some money “here, manage it. I was expecting some cash but it didn’t pull through due to some reasons beyond me, I will send some money across to you”. Angry Timi, “Mother this is too small, how can you ask me to go to camp with this, it won’t even be enough for my flight ticket?…That is all I have for now, maybe the money didn’t come as a sign for you to step down your Abuja plan. You still have an open option of coming back to the south after camp, someone told me there is a way to go about that”even if I have to come back to the south after camp, mother this cash is not going to take me up to 5days” “more reason you should forget Abuja camp” she thought to herself. “If that won’t be enough, then forget Abuja camp”  she says. Angry Timi ignores his mother’s last sentence”  “no mom, for this once I won’t give into your own optionor opinion, let me do it my way, Abuja or nothing!. I mean no disrespect but I’ve got to do what I’ve to do. He storms out of his mother’s room, Mrs. Alice shakes her head in disbelieve as she gaze at Timi leaving her room. “let me see to how you’ll leave this house” she mutters….

Did Timi go to camp? Find out that and more in the next episode.

To be continued….


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