Blogger tries to marriage-shame our Chuka Umunna

by Clifford Orji

The other day, our very own Chuka Umunna declared his intention to become the leader of the British Labour Party. Yes, he’s “ours”. The same Chiwetel Ejiofor and jollof rice are ours. Stop asking questions.

A British blogger has decided to act like a Nigerian aunty and shame poor Chuka for not being married. “Every Saturday in asoebi, when is your own”, said the blogger…probably.

It is not so much Ms Sullivan who caught my eye. I am sure she is a perfectly nice woman and, as is now mandatory in Labour circles for wives or girlfriends, she is a lawyer. It is more the fact that Umunna has a girlfriend – and not a wife. How odd.

She really does sound like a Nigerian aunty. Madam, how is this your business?

Where I come from 36-year-old men do not have girlfriends, they have wives…a thirty-six-year old man having a girlfriend? That sets off alarm bells.

Not his policies or that Chuka might force British people to start brushing their teeth. She’s not even worried about the possibility of Chuka making jollof rice the national meal.

This issue is relevant to me because it indicates what type of character Mr Umunna is and indeed has been.

This has more to do with you than Chuka, ma’am.

If Mr Umunna has been dragging his heels over his decision to get hitched it means one of three things. It could mean he is lazy and is not bothered with getting married; it could mean he is unromantic and ‘does not see the point of getting married’ (as is the way in the hip liberal North London set); or, he is a narcissist and he thinks no woman is really good enough for him.

What really impressive is how she jumps from one irrational conclusion to an even more irrational conclusion. Frankly, that’s very impressive.

None of these traits is attractive.

Thankfully, you’re not his girlfriend and for that, we’re all glad.

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