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Tech Stuff

The Worlds Coolest Man: Whatever skeptics have said can’t be done, Elon has gone out and made real. Remember in the 1990s, when we would call strangers and give them our credit-card numbers? Elon dreamed up a little thing called PayPal. His Tesla Motors and SolarCity companies are making a clean, renewable-energy future a reality…his SpaceX [is] reopening space for exploration…it’s a paradox that Elon is working to improve our planet at the same time he’s building spacecraft to help us leave it” Link

Why You Deleted Twitter: The specificities of Twitter—the nuances of ego function it displayed, for example—became too much to bear. Stuff I read would get under my skin and stay there. Twitter feuds, especially, are always pointless; they’re performative clashes of ideologies that rarely do any actual convincing. At the very least, participating in them made me feel ashamed for caring as much as I did in the moment, and worse, for showing how much I cared. Link

Climate Change Nightmares: The number of climate records broken in the last few years is stunning. But here’s a new measure of misery: Not only did we just experience the hottest April in 137 years of record keeping, but it was the 12th consecutive month to set a new record. Link

Facebooks Biggest Setback: But where Zuckerberg saw the endless promise of a digital future, Indians came to see something more sinister. Seventeen months later, Facebook’s grand plans to bring India online had been halted by overwhelming local opposition – the biggest stumbling block the company had hit in its 12-year-history. In the end, it seemed, Facebook had acted as if it was giving India a gift. But it was not a gift Indians wanted. Link

Politics & Econ Stuff

Nigeria, You Win: This is a problem around the world: How to get a small business to become a medium-size business that can become a big business. Because if you can figure out how to do that … you can make a dent in all kinds of other problems: unemployment, poverty. You name it. But in the developing world, small businesses rarely take off like that. Enter Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Link

How World War 3 Became Possible: There is a growing chorus of political analysts, arms control experts, and government officials who are sounding the alarm, trying to call the world’s attention to its drift toward disaster. The prospect of a major war, even a nuclear war, in Europe has become thinkable, they warn, even plausible. Link

The Rise Of The Gay Mafia: The idea of a “gay mafia” may seem like a bad oxymoron, but there was a time in American history when there was a real fear that a gay mafia—known collectively as “hominterns”—existed, wielding control across Hollywood and throughout the arts and entertainment industries Link

Buhari’s First Report Card: Most people understand the economic problems facing Nigeria today. The country does not produce much. Oil prices have collapsed meaning that dollar earnings are now a fraction of what they used to be. The effect is like going to the supermarket to buy your basic needs and finding that you cannot afford anything on the shelves. And how has the government reacted to this problem? It has made them worse. Link

Good Reads

The Kardashian Rise Of Blac Chyna: Yep. This is a story about the Kardashians. While no one (and everyone) was watching, Chyna was making calculated moves to close in on her own empire with a precision and finesse that not even the Kardashians saw coming. This wasn’t a PR breakthrough. It was a coup. And so the Kardashians, a family often accused of stealing black men, black features, and black culture, got beat at their own game by a black woman. Link

The Fierce Triumph Of Loneliness: The idea that we progress in a clear trajectory from single unit to couple form, and achieve a sort of emotional success by doing so, seems wrong to me. Love is about what we give up when choosing to knit our life against someone else’s—to make a home in the shared bed, and enjoy the small talk between bodies within the inhabited space. A paired life is not an aspirational state, but a compromised one. Loneliness is not the terror we escape; it is instead the reward we give up when we believe something else to be worth the sacrifice. Link

Nigerian Scrabble: Nigeria is dominating the rest of the world at acrabble championships, using a strategy that is as confounding as it is quintessentially Nigerian, playing short words instead of long ones for maximum points. Link

Burgers, Fries And Evolution: We think of the Western diet—high in unhealthy fats, sugar, and proteins—as overly rich. But what’s missing from the diet may be just as, and perhaps more, important than what’s abundant. Link

Other Stuff

Some Career Advice: At the start of your career, chances are good that you’ll be hired primarily for your “hard skills”—the stuff you know that’s relevant for the job. no one quite tells you is that while you might’ve been initially hired for those hard skills, they gradually matter less. The further you get in your career, the less you’ll be evaluated on those same skills—and this is especially important once you reach your mid-career point. Why? Because the hard skills that got you the job won’t be the ones that get you promoted Link

And Some Growth Advice: One of the most basic beliefs we carry about ourselves has to do with how we view and inhabit what we consider to be our personality. A Fixed mindset and a ‘growth’ mindset. of these two mindsets, which we manifest from a very early age, springs a great deal of our behavior, our relationship with success and failure in both professional and personal contexts, and ultimately our capacity for happiness. Link

Some Productivity Tips: It was social and culturally acceptable to live our lives on other people’s terms just one generation ago. And many millennials are perpetuating this process simply because it’s the only worldview we’ve been taught. However, there is a growing collective-consciousness that with a lot of work and intention — you can live every moment of your life on your own terms. Here’s 8 things you should do every morning Link

And Some Facts About Farts: A recent study found that not only does farting help the farter live longer, but the smell of the farts can quell dementia. In addition to helping people remember your farting around them when they were younger, smelling farts could help with heart disease, diabetes, and even arthritis. The stinkier the better. The scientists say the risk of cancer, heart attacks, and strokes can be reduced by simply farting. Link

It took me like three hours to figure out how to put this audio over this video and i don’t regret one single second pic.twitter.com/afNCrelNb5

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