Bust-A-Myth: Er, some kind of sex

by Ore Fakorede

Please note that the language used throughout this article, while not crude, is frank and undisguised.

A friend of mine once said, “sex was intended to be dirty”, and nothing is more of a case in point than the hush-hush business of anal intercourse. Because it is a nerve centre, the anus is one of the human body’s most sensitive erogenous zones. Sexual acts in which the anus is the focal point of activity are thus more pleasurable than conventional acts. The mere thought that anal sex opens up a whole new frontier far beyond the boundaries of conventional sex is almost as exciting as the act itself.

Although many people fantasize about it, there is a common public refrainment from open discussions of the subject. Anal sex has been so misunderstood and wrongfully maligned that it has become a taboo of some sort. To worsen the controversy, many so-called facts have been erected like warning beacons to dissuade adventurous individuals from exploring the rear end of things. Consequently, women have become reluctant to experiment with anal sex and men are too scared to ask for it. But what really is the big deal? Is anal sex as dangerous as they say it is? Can you catch a killer disease while riding down the dirt track? You know the myths too well, here is the true side of the story.

Myth #1: Anal sex is dangerous.

Facts: It is common knowledge that any sex act can lead to some form of injury and anal sex is no different. When done correctly, anal intercourse does not predispose you to getting hurt anymore than vaginal sex does. Thorough lubrication (more on that later) and proper positioning help to ensure that anal sex is the pleasurable experience it was meant to be. The stories that frequent anal sex leads to a loose anal sphincter and loss of bowel control are just not true! On the contrary, anal sex might even enhance bowel control as the sexual process helps to build the muscles in that region.

Myth #2: The anus is dirty.

Facts: Daily hygiene practices keep the anus as clean as other parts of the body. Regularly shaving the coarse hair that tends to grow around the anal region also helps keep germs away. It is important for women to remember that because the anus contains its own native bacteria, anal sex should be done separately from vaginal sex.

Myth #3: Anal sex causes AIDS.

Facts: The only thing that causes AIDS is HIV, and a person can only contact the disease through vaginal or anal sex if a partner has the virus. Logically, having unprotected anal sex increases the risk of getting infected with HIV and other disease-causing organisms. Having unsafe sex is one of the most stupid things a person can do. Condoms are not for sissies! Using one is equivalent to being responsible and looking out for yourself as well as your sexual partner.

Myth #4: Anal sex is always painful.

Facts: Without proper lubrication, both vaginal and anal sex can be very, very painful. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not secrete natural lubricants in ample quantities. So, in order to avoid hurting the thin walls of the anus, it is vital to use an artificial lubricant (sold in pharmacies) before anal sex. Also, moving slowly during coitus helps reduce friction and the risk of winding up with a sore bottom.

Myth #5: Anal sex is morally wrong.

Facts: In certain circles, sex that does not lead to pregnancy is regarded as unethical and morally reprehensible. However, there is no reason to have such a notion, neither is there any proof to back up such ludicrous claims. As long as it doesn’t offend your sensibilities, there’s no reason to label anal sex as ‘wrong’ or ‘unnatural’. You might not want to do it, but that doesn’t make it bad. It’s all a matter of personal opinion, really.

What other lies have you been told about poor old anal sex? Let’s settle the controversy once and for all!

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  1. Well I have tried it with my ex but didnt get the full pleasure as my partner found it uncomfortable but I think I have learnt the act and would enjoy the experience when next I try.

  2. Wow! This is certainly and eye-opening piece. Who would have thought anal sex would get so much favourable lines… Now you've cleared the air on it, I suppose a few more people might be more open to trying some more kinky things in the bedroom….

  3. I have never tried anal sex, not for a lack of curiousity but because…well, it is anal sex. The thought of putting my penis into such a tigh place scares the beejeevers out of me.

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