Call it the dream wedding

The wedding

To launch its website, gave-away a Dream Wedding valued at over N8,000,000 to one lucky couple. The project partnered with the top wedding vendors in Nigeria to bring a couple’s dream wedding to reality – including catering, event planning, photography, make up, décor, clothing, honeymoon, event coverage and bridal shower.

141 couples registered in the competition, with the leading couple holding down 101,750 Votes. The Dream wedding of Oluwatimilehin (Timi) Adebayo Agolade and Temitope (Tope) Samuel held on 26 June, 2010, at the Manor Hall, Lekki Phase 1.

The love story

It was a truth or dare game that became a real love story. Tope “thought I could make any girl fall for me” but Yetunde, a family friend, decided to prove him wrong, with Timi in the picture.

Tope lost the best, but “found my life”. The couple has been together since 2003. “We have had a fair share of ups and down but we have overcome and are still overcoming. I love her,” he said.

Timi on Tope

“Tope is a good man, not perfect but very good. He is God-fearing and caring. He is smart and has an answer to most problems. He has been a godsend; he understands me. I love the way he makes fun of me even though I pretend to be happy. He spoils me and lets me get my way though he doesn’t make it easy. He is gentle yet strong. He is my numero uno!”

Tope on Timi

“She is strong, down to earth, trustworthy, and a reliable woman. With her and God beside me I know I have nothing to worry about. She is stubborn but I love it! (Laughter) She has stood by me through thick and thin, isn’t that what love is about? I am a lucky man to have her; ask everyone around me. My dynasty ain’t complete without her!” Y!

From the Editor

Here we come

“So how will you make sure this survives?” She asked as we laid out our plans to change the world.

We were three wide-eyed-but-relentless teenagers intent on doing the impossible: Organise Nigeria’s biggest pan-sector youth awards, when we didn’t have a kobo (almost literally) in the bank. We had taken our proposal to sponsors endlessly and no one was paying attention. We had postponed the event twice. Promises were being broken like broomsticks.

“Anyway,” she said after our tales of woe. “You guys are ready to do the work – so I’ll support you.”

It’s 2010 now, five years after that meeting and we are back in the office of publisher and TV veteran, Adesuwa Onyenokwe.

We are on that world-changing mission again. But things are different now. We are not asking to empty her bank account to support our dreams. We are proud to tell her: All we want is advice.

“I know you guys will succeed,” she says. We have earned her trust.

Indeed, it is tempting to say something like “we have earned our dues”, but that would yet be presumptuous. What we can say is that we are prepared for what lies ahead. The magazine business is a tough, grinding one. We know. But we are prepared, and we are yet learning.

Y! is for those with this same spirit. They are talented and perhaps accomplished, but they are still hungry to think more, do more, be more.

It’s for accomplished young people across industries (See Funa Maduka, p. xx; the team at Soundcity, p. xx, the two young women bringing sexy back to farming, p. xx) who will lead Nigeria.

It’s for our cover girl, the truly timeless Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde (p. xx), who seems to break new ground with every step she takes. Like this shoot. As the revered Kelechi Amadi-Obi and Dimeji Alara collaborate on a work of art that speaks only to genius, Omotola – gracefully and with inspiring focus – does what she does effortlessly: Shine.


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