Christ in the world today

by Glory Enyinnaya

Sometimes we forget the awesome privilege that God bestowed on mankind when He entered Time as a baby. To think that an Infinite Being took on the cloak of lowliness in order to teach us how to earn our place in heaven by living our lives on earth sensibly is quite humbling. Makes you feel that mankind has an infinite value. Well, yes, we do.

The incredible thing is that Christ is still among us today. At this point, all the skeptics can leave the room because I’m about to delve into some topics that will make you roll your eyes in disbelief. Christ, the God-man who visited the world 2011 years ago is still very much around. He’s hung around in three guises – the Catholic Church, Catholic priests and the Eucharist.

First, the Catholic Church. As any student of history can confirm, the Catholic Church traces its roots back to Jesus and the original 12 apostles. What this means is that Christ’s legacy was handed down untarnished from 1st Century AD till the present time. I love Jesus’ words: ‘’ … And I will be with you until the end of time and behold, the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.’’ Indeed, the storms of time have ravaged the Catholic Church but regardless of scandals, it has remained ever firm and undefeated. That’s because it is founded on the Rock – Jesus Christ.

Second, Catholic priests. The priest is an embodiment of Christ – a living, breathing being vested with the authority to act in Jesus’ name. We cannot see Jesus in the flesh but we can see priests representing him – forgiving sins, turning bread into flesh and wine into blood as well as a million other good works priests perform in the Church. Of course, in every Twelve, there is a Judas but once again, regardless of scandals, the priesthood has remained in an unbroken line of succession from the twelve apostles and perpetuates till this very day.

Third, the Eucharist. If you’re still reading then I’ll take it that you still have some more appetite for mystery. And that’s simply what this third manifestation of Christ is – a mystery. You can probably see Christ in an institution as big as the Catholic Church and in the person of the priest but in a piece of bread?! We must be joking, right? Wrong. It’s a fact which has been proven in many parts of the world – the bread which is blessed by the priest at Mass and eaten by the congregation is nothing less than the actual body of Christ. I kid you not. A true story is told of a priest who was blessing the host (that’s what we call the piece of bread) at Mass one day when he suddenly asked himself ‘’Could this bread really be a piece of human flesh?’’ No sooner had the thought crossed his mind than the bread he was holding transformed into a piece of flesh. Of course, the terrified priest fainted dead away. Upon being revived in a hospital, he was questioned about what led to his fainting spell and he confessed his unbelief. Subsequently, the piece of flesh in question was examined and it was revealed that it was a piece of a human heart. There you have it, folks. We have the opportunity to eat the heart of Jesus and thus enlarge our own shrunken mettle.

Have you had your Eucharist today?

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  1. How many apostles’s, how many tribes, ever think that maybe Peter was only one representation of one of the tribers? Just saying, don’t presume to know the heart of God…..

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