Don Jazzy: “D’banj is my son”?

by Abdullahi Aborode

Did Don Jazzy just refer to D’banj as his son?

So, we’ve been ‘hearing’ various rumours (sometimes news) on the current Mo’Hits Records situation. But there have been more questions than answers!

When Don Jazzy came on twitter to announce “the end of an old era”, many concluded it was the end of Mo’Hits records. Some said it was D’banj that left and a lot of stories went flying across the internet (you know the rest).

When D’banj dropped the ‘Oliver Twist’ video we expected Don Jazzy to hype it as usual on twitter, but he didn’t tweet at all! Many websites and blogs said the video confirmed the separation of the two Mo’Hit’s big wigs as it was the first D’banj’s video without Don Baba J and first Mo’Hit’s project Don Jazzy didn’t hype. I saw various tweets and comments saying it wasn’t interesting just because “Don Jazzy was absent” frankly speaking wasn’t it? Fine it may have been more interesting if he was, but let’s leave gain sayings the video wasn’t bad!

A few days later the ‘Black Diamond of Africa’ (Wande Coal) dropped his ‘Private Trips’ video. Again, our loving Don Jazzy didn’t tweet about it. Did Wande Coal leave as well? Then came the Dr Sid tweet saying Don Jazzy was the most important piece of Mo’Hits but below that tweet he retweeted somebody who spoke ill of Don Jazzy, could he be referring to her? Let me leave that to you.

Saucekid also tweeted a joke about Mo’Hits splitting, to which K-Switch replied, “Lmao ertin nice and crisp still…” He (Kayswitch) was still making jokes and he still blasted claims of him being signed under Koko Music last week claiming it was a “blatant lie”. So what is really up?

Finally, finally! Don Jazzy comes on Twitter today, promotes D’banj’s ‘Oliver Twist’ video and Wande Coal’s ‘Private Trips’, is there really something we don’t know? Now the striking one was when he called D’banj his “son” in a tweet a few minutes ago. Not surprisingly, everyone is on about it on social networks.

Don Jazzy is quite the class act, no? Well played, man, well played.

So peeps, let’s just get our fingers crossed and ease our brains from imaginations and assumptions! IT IS WELL (I pray)!

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated.

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  1. Saying someone actually didn't take the time to think an article through before writing doesn't make you a hater. Not only is it incoherent, the English sounds like expressions made by a junior secondary student at best. "Let's ease our brains from imaginations?" What does that mean? Because we are in the Twitter and Facebook era of abbreviations, doesn't mean you shouldn't still be coherent when writing an article.

  2. But really tho, my fellow hater-haters, this post is not coherent na. I have read it several times in a bid to get what the writer was trying to make us understand from their facts but I still don't get it.

  3. LOL @IDontLikeHateers – you don't know @reine_daglace? She always say the first thing dat comes to her head, even if it's the dubmest!:)))))))

  4. Don Baba J! Good one.

  5. This article is absolute trash. The author has effectively managed to not convey any message save his cluelessness.

    1. Why dont you write something better dumb ass (or better yet start ya own website)

      Always so negative better go and align yourself with the likes of Jayla and Maynezee so we know how bitter you are when something good is been done

  6. or these mohits boiz just dey job us?

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail