Demola Rewaju: Like Jesus Christ, you can make your own comeback

by Demola Rewaju

Easter Sunday Risen Lord

“He made the greatest comeback in history…”

There is just something about great movies that reaches deep into your soul and get your emotions deeply involved with the plot. Some movies like Titanic are evergreen because of the emotional plot and the tragic ending – you watch it over and over again knowing Jack would die but wishing he wouldn’t. it was such a shock to movie goers in the first week that the producers had to include the alternative ending where Jack and Rose got married. There are other movies that grip you with the sheer unexpectedness of the events: one twist after another, one suspense filled moment following another…detective movies and thrillers do this to you. My most favourite movies though are the all time inspirational: movies where the hero rises steadily for a period, brushing aside all opposition, doing everything with finesse and panache, turning everything t gold with just a touch, at the top of his game but just when he is about to hit his peak, something happens that sets him back so tragically that everyone thinks he can’t regain the height he has lost.

But then our hero finds belief in himself once again and returns to the basics, pushing himself harder and harder until he is ready for the big stage once again; he feels he is ready but you never know until you try so he goes back into the game, the voice of doubts rising but he listens only to the voice within: this is the ultimate test – can he be the best again? And in one final burst of energy, our hero faces the test and conquers! That’s a comeback and those are the greatest movies of all time.

“He made the greatest comeback in history…”

Easter Sunday tells the story of the greatest comeback ever known in the history of man – Jesus, the Christ walked among the Jews and for three years, He manifested superior powers, making disciples and friends but also quite a number of enemies. Then one of His own betrays Him and He finds Himself on trial. Passing through seven seats of judgement within twenty-four hours, He is crucified on the cross and laid to rest in a garden-tomb. He had predicted He would rise and so they put guards at His tomb…but the grave couldn’t hold Him back: He rose on the third day and appeared to several of His followers. From secular history, we know, that many of His disciples died in different parts of the world holding on to the truth of his death and resurrection – these men had witnessed the greatest comeback of all time. He had been written off, all his men had returned to their former vocation…but He came back; and in that comeback lies a great lesson for all of us:

No matter where you’ve failed, no matter who you are; no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone thinks – YOU CAN MAKE A COMEBACK! You can write your own Easter story! It doesn’t matter who has said that you can’t, the only person who directs this movie is ‘you’ and you can make a difference if you set your heart to it. It’s the comeback that counts, it’s the comeback that proves your strength. Anyone can succeed when he’s on top of his game, anyone can win when he’s the best. It’s when you’re down and out that you need to put your back into it and push yourself to the top.

But it starts with your mind: never doubt that you can do what you know how to do and infact, you can do anything you set your mind to do. Everything that any man has ever achieved first starts with belief in his own ability to do it. You have to believe you can do it, believe that it is your destiny to do it and walk confidently even before the challenge comes. Jesus had declared boldly to all the world in many parables that he would die and rise again. He spoke in the parable of a grain of wheat that falls into the ground, He spoke of destroying the temple and rebuilding it – in many metaphors and imagery, He made clear that He would overcome the most permanent tragedy known to man, and He did, because He was clear that this was the purpose of His coming to the world.

And He never for once wavered in going into the grave, He went through the process. When his disciple Peter suggested that he wouldn’t die, He rebuked Him! He was eager to go through the process because He not only believed he would overcome, He knew it would make Him better. When you face a setback, prepare for a comeback – don’t run from it, go through it. Use the process to come better. It is when you lie in the tomb that you know who your followers are. It is when you can’t do all that you used to do before that you know those who are loyal to you. Face your fears and conquer them. Face them because you know that every challenge is an opportunity to show your greatness.

So it doesn’t matter whatever it is that is holding you back: break free from it and make your comeback. Unleash your greatness upon the world: we are all waiting for your comeback.


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