Didi’s Way: The double standards

by Ndidi Ekeh

Sexually also, men are encouraged to be more sexually active than their female counterparts

One controversial topic and perhaps the most argued of all time between the two sexes are the double standards that exist between them. The Venus and Mars theory was borne from here so also the much talked about feminist conspiracy; “the guy has to ask the girl out”, “the girl is free to use sexiness rather than brains to climb up the social/executive ladder”. However, whatever the case may be, we cannot ignore the social injustice suffered by these two as a result of the stereotypical roles that society has placed on them.


Society’s expectations of both men and women are quite understandable as these two species are programmed to behave and act differently as both are of different body structures, looks and were brought up in different ways, While the boys were taught to play manly games and engage in masculine activities, the girls were taught to care for their Barbie dolls and join mommy in the kitchen helping her pass the salt and whatever else is needed to prepare the family meals.


Sexually also, men are encouraged to be more sexually active than their female counterparts, maybe it is because the activity of their sperm count can last past the age of 50, compared to a woman’s shorter fertile life span, it may also be because of the extreme cramps experienced during child birth or probably even because of the distress felt by a woman when her cherry is being popped. But in all, men are considered and allowed to be more promiscuous sexually than women because of how easy and natural it comes to them.


In recent times, movements have been initiated to enable ‘equality’ between both sexes. Such female liberation movements have resulted in terms such as ‘girl power’, ‘feminist’ and ‘female emancipation’ being conned. For long it was considered a major faux pas for women to come on strong to men. But recently a dramatic change has been witnessed as waiting for a guy to ask a girl out is now being considered outdated and old fashioned. These days, women seem to be on equal footing with men in the sense that they too have numerous sexual partners and can openly brag about their sexual prowess.


Without deviating, this piece is not to encourage sexual prowess but on the other hand to punctuate the fact that the afford mentioned double standards is gradually sliding into the back ground becoming a thing of the past, as Beyonce’s popular song ‘Run d world’, just more or less punctuates it.  However, women must in fact understand their roles as primary care givers first! Before looking to compete with their male counterparts, because whether we care to admit it or not despite whatever important position she occupies, her chief duties is still to be the primary care giver of her household.


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