This is why Donald Trump fired FBI Director, James Comey

James Comey, best known for his testimonies, conclusions and seeming confusions about Hillary Clinton’s infamous e-mails has been fired by Donald Trump.

Comey has been the Director of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) since 2013 and it also bears mentioning that no other FBI Director had been fired since Bill Clinton fired Williams Sessions in 1993 for ethical concerns.

However, the fired Sessions is not the only thing that Comey’s dismissal has in common with Clinton’s presidency, Hillary makes an appearance too. Actually, Hillary is sort of the reason Comey got in this deep mess.

Remember last year, when the US Presidential election campaign was in full gear and as hot as it could have been, James Comey made an appearance to give his verdict – as FBI Director – on her innocence. On the 5th of July, he announced his conclusions on the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, saying that the case should be closed without prosecution. His conclusion was based on the fact that his Bureau’s investigations did not indict her – which was well within his rights as the head of the FBI. The only problem with his conclusions and his speaking them out loud is the fact that America has a Department of Justice/Attorney-General whose hob it is to decide whether a case should be prosecuted or left alone. Comey’s job was to investigate and give a report to the appropriate authorities who’d then proceed. In the words of the Deputy Attorney General, Rod J. Rosenstein, Comey “usurped the Attorney-General’s authority on July 5, 2016”.

To top off all these, James has tried too hard and too bad severally to defend his actions in public and before Congress. A Congress made up of not only Republicans – who may have been eager to see him removed on account of his determination to see through the ties Russia had to the last elections which brought America to a Republican leadership – but also Democrats. And Democrats who also have their axe to grind with James Comey.

After giving that “authority-usurping” verdict in July, Comey was back on October 28th, just 11 days before November’s elections to say that the FBI had recovered more incriminating emails from Hillary’s private server. A testimony that Democrats generally believe cost Hillary the election.

You see. James Comey was a threat to the Trump administration because he wasn’t going to leave the Russia-ties investigations alone. So Trump needed him out of the way naturally. And sadly, Comey did not have the Democrats on his side to defend him because they had an axe to grind with him.

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