“Even if it takes my last blood” – Auto Lounge boss promises to extract N14m payment for Naeto C car gift

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As far as a lot of people are concerned, the car gift was the high point of the Naeto C wedding. It was a befitting climax to the rapper’s much anticipated big day. Unfortunately, it seems the gift was just the beginning of an embarrassing controversy involving Dumebi Kachukwu, a business man and former brother-in-law of Naeto C, and Larry Onuegbu, the CEO of Auto Lounge.

And this was after the initial storm in a tea cup over whether the car was a gift from singer D’banj or not.

Kachukwu, according to reports, bought the car for Naeto C and he wanted a new Porsche Cayenne SUV 2012 model. He claims that what Onuegbu sold to him was neither new nor a 2012 model, but a used Porsche Cayenne 2009 model.

Onuegbu on the other hand, feels taken for a ride by Kachukwu. He alleges that Kachukwu placed an order for the car for use in grandstanding at his in-law’s wedding and that after enjoying the spotlight and receiving the accolades, Kachukwu wants to poke holes in the car and return it on a flimsy excuse.

It probably would not have been such a big deal, if not for the amount of money involved — N14 million.

The Porsche Cayenne at the centre of the controversy

According to a statement by Onuegbu: “Dumebi was aware that the Porsche car is a brand new 2010 model and he made a delivery request of the car to Naeto C’s wedding which was honoured as the car was parked in front of the reception.

“When Dumebi arrived at the venue of the wedding, he thanked me for the delivery and promised to send a cheque of 14 million naira on Monday but I didn’t see it. So I called him on Tuesday and he promised again to send the money to my bank account on Wednesday but by Thursday evening when I didn’t see my money I called him again to ask for the 14 million [for the] Porsche and the 4 million he owes me for the Infinity car he bought from me in January this year. An invoice was sent to him on request but he started telling me stories that he wants to check if the car is not stolen. I was annoyed but after he made his confirmation, it was revealed that I bought the car from one Mr. Peter last year July which is the truth.”

Onuegbu disclosed that when Kachukwu came to his office to return the car, he refused to receive it and sent him (Kachukwu) away .

“I told him to bring the car back the way he took it away,” he said.

Onuegbu also said he is determined to extract the entire money from Kachukwu and would battle it out with “his last blood”, because this isn’t the first time Kachukwu had tried this strategy on him, and all the other times, he had gone scot-free.

Onuegbu also alleged that Kachuwku was on a campaign of blackmail against him using musicians D’banj and Naeto C to say unsavoury things about him on the Internet. Despite this, Onuegbu, he claimed that he has no qualms with the duo, as his grouse is with only Kachukwu.

The Auto Lounge boss also claims to have been the one who “took care” of Naeto C’s bachelor’s party at Auto Lounge not “charging a dime” because he sees the rapper as “a young person who is full of potentials”.

He also vowed that no amount of threats or blackmail was going to make him shift grounds.

Not done yet? You may ask. Well, yes.

Onuegbu, who has obviously been ‘wounded’ by this episode, revealed that Kachukwu had in the past claimed to have blackmailed former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, and therefore boasted that he (Onuegbu) would be an easy prey. But, he is not deterred by these threats, he (Onuegbu) promised to keep talking to the media and asked anyone with doubts to visit his office on a fact-check, because he has “nothing to hide” and his integrity is not in doubt.

There’s still more:

“We have had issues like this before on a Bentley which he returned, claiming that it was a stolen car. I took that car back because I didn’t want to go down with him. This time, he should just give me my money because I don’t even know where the Porsche is and have been receiving phone calls from different numbers with threats that I won’t live to receive that Dumebi’s money. I have reported that to the necessary authority. Also I have been receiving calls all over the world from people who keep asking if I am in police custody. I tell them that I was never involved in any shady deal besides I have never spent a second in police custody.

“Dumebi cannot prove what he is doing for a living because he is a fraudster, money launderer and I can match him one-on-one anywhere in life. Don’t use me to impress anybody. You want to return the Porsche after D’banj has announced that the car is a wedding gift to the couple in your name. We agreed on everything that he’s going to pay on Monday but now that he has shined with the car and can’t raise the money he’s telling me stories.”

Meanwhile, Naeto and his lovely Mrs. are in South Africa at the moment, for the beginning of their honeymoon. They most certainly need the holiday.

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