Father no-nonsense: Man invites JTF to kill his ‘Boko Haram’ son… and they did

by Rachel Ogbu


An unidentified businessman in Maiduguri who was tired of living with a difficult secret had summoned the courage to report his son to the Joint Task Force (JTF) recently identifying him as a member of  Boko Haram.

The father also ordered that he should be shot dead, witnesses said and he was right in front of his father as he tried to escape the officers.

“After confessing all his crimes, including how he participated in the killing of people and looting of banks to his father, the old man said he has no such conscience to keep a killer son in his home,” a close family member reportedly told reporters.

Meeting with JTF officers, the 60-year old Kanuri man, who lives in Babban-Line Commercial Area, Maiduguri reportedly said; “This boy is my son; he is a confirmed member of Boko Haram and has killed many people, he too should be killed.”

According to reports, as the young man attempted to flee from the soldiers to whom his father handed him, he was shot at and struck down by a bullet. He later died. His father, who was yet to leave the scene simply turned around, looked at the writhing body of his son on the ground and said, “Masha Allah” meaning, “To God be the glory.”

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Premium Times reports:

The son, according to close family sources, had once threatened to kill his father before he fled home and returned only recently as security operatives continue to clamp down on the sect.

He was said to have returned as a prodigal son, seeking asylum in his father’s compound.

Before he was handed over to the soldiers, the young man was said to have revealed to his father and family members that he possessed two cars and had millions of naira buried somewhere near his family home.

But the reportedly father said he had no interest in the ill-gotten assets and had no intention of inheriting them as according to Islamic laws, they are ‘haram’ (unlawful).


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