Femi Fani-Kayode: The Woolwich killing and the unseen hands of the Illuminati

by Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode

Were they cultivated, ”programmed” and used by agents of the illuminati in the British establishment to carry out this gruesome operation and this monstrous sacrifice?

Some things just don’t add up when it comes to the Woolwich killings. There are certainly more questions than answers. Let us examine the facts. An off-duty British soldier by the name of Lee Rigby was walking down the street in the charming and peaceful London suburb of Woolwich. All of a sudden, and out of the blue, he was randomly selected and run over by a car which was being driven by two young black men. After they hit him to the ground with the car the two young men jumped out of it, armed with matchetes, knives, a rusty old pistol and a meat cleaver, and in a deep and uncontrollable frenzy amidst shouts of ”Allahu Akbar”, proceeded to take his precious life by carving him up, mutilating him, butchering him and beheading him in full public glare. This all happened barely 100 metres away from Rigby’s Army Barracks home. The attack began at 2.30 pm whilst the soldier gave up the ghost at approximately 3.00pm on a four-point inter-section roundabout and crossroads.

Immediately after finishing their gruesome act the killers then conducted their own impromptu press conference, brandishing knives and meat cleavers in blood-soaked hands, with random members of the public asking to be filmed and qouted whilst their clothes were soaked, drenched and dripping in human blood. After their ”presss conference” ended they moved to the other side of the road and calmly waited for the police to arrive. They had all the time in the world to do so but they plainly refused to run and attempt to avoid arrest or the imminent arrival of the police. According to eye-witnesses (and I watched the footage on CNN) the police took no less than 30 minutes to get to the scene and confront the two killers. They did NOT get there in the 9 minutes that they are claiming.

When the police eventually arrived instead of surrendering peacefully to them or attempting to run away, the two young men charged at them brandishing their knives and meat cleaver in a menacing way and attempting to shoot their old and rusty pistol. Unfortunately for them the pistol exploded in the hand of the individual that tried to use it. They were both promptly shot, wounded and disarmed. Yet before the police arrived another rather curious incident took place. A strange yet very courageous Scandanavian woman, who just happened to be sitting on a bus that was driving past, told the bus driver to stop when she saw the carnage that was being inflicted on the dying soldier, got off the bus and calmly walked over to the killers even as they were still killing him. She then proceeeded to have a detailed conversation with them asking them why they were doing what they were doing and assuring them that in the end they would lose the fight because it was ”just them against many”.

Is this not a rather curious encounter? Who really was that Scandanavian lady and who does she really work for? Is she a genuine hero or is she what, in security and intelligence circles, is known as a controller? Is she part of the system because to do what she did took immense courage? So many questions still need to be asked and answered. For example why did the police take so long before responding? Why were the killers given all the time in the world to conduct a graphic, loud and unofficial press conference in the streets with members of the public after beheading and carving up the young soldier?

Even more curiously the police and intelligence agencies have now admitted that these two young men were “known to them”. If that were the case how come they were never put under close surveillance, monitored, questioned or arrested? Why did all this have to take place at approximately 3.00pm in the afternoon, at that location (a crossroads of four junctions) and on that date? Why did the assailants have to cut off their victims head, hang around there for thirty minutes whilst ranting and whilst soaked and covered in their victims blood? Why did the killers insist that only women could come near the dying body of their victim? Why was this whole thing allowed to happen and to drag on like it did for 30 uninterrupted minutes by the authorities? Why did the police refuse to move in even though numerous members of the public were having detailed conversations with the assailants?

Was this whole thing some kind of state-sponsored illuminati-style human sacrifice? Was it designed and orchestrated by the authorities to create more terror in the land and to give them the opportunity to introduce more draconian laws, curb immigration and do away with even more civil liberties on the grounds that they wish to fight the very terror that they themselves created. Are we not being fooled again by the ”powers that be” and the state just as we were over ”9-11” and over the murder of Princess Diana, both of which were clearly inside jobs with strong illuminatti connections . If anyone doubts this assertion they ought to do themselves a favour and find the time to watch David Icke’s revealing docuementry titled ”9/11-It Was An Inside Job”. It is on youtube. They can also find his numerous books and watch his numerous docuementries on the murder of Princess Diana. Their world view will change dramatically after that. Back to Woolwich.

Are there not clear parallels between the Woolwich incident and the Boston bombings which took place just a few weeks ago. Are there not similarities in the profiles of the two sets of killers in both incidents. Both operations were conducted in full public glare and in the afternoon. Both operations were carried out by two Americans and two British citizens respectively each of them with a foreign heritage and family ties with nations that are rife with and that are being torn apart by islamist terror. In the case of the Boston bombers the two perpetrators had strong links and family ties with Dagestan and Checnya and in the case of the Woolwich incident both perpetrators had equally strong links and family ties with Nigeria. Both sets of killers were muslim fundamentalists and both sets were ”known to the intelligence agencies” of their respective countries. Both countries in which the murders took place, i.e. Great Britain and the United States of America, are the greatest allies and leaders in the war against terror and they are both committed to standing ”shoulder to shoulder” with one another in that fight. Is it not strange that similar acts of terror will take place in the two just a few weeks apart and that those acts of terror were all carried out by people with similar profiles and virtually the same age. The coincidences are just too many and things just don’t add up. The performance of the British police particularly has opened up the door for a lot of speculation. They made so many mistakes. Yet I can assure you that the British police and intelligence agencies are NOT that sloppy. They are amongst the best, if not the best, in the world and they just don’t make mistakes. There is far more to this whole thing than meets the eye and there is also a sinister purpose and agenda to it. The full picture has not yet been shown to us and perhaps it never will but little by little those that are well-versed in these matters will work it out and the truth will be exposed.

Yet the questions just keep coming. Is it possible that those two British boys of Nigerian descent were under some kind of ”Peter Powers”-type hypnosis and mind-control system which was triggered off by something or someone. In many of his books and videos David Icke has alluded to the usage and existence of such capabilities by the more advanced intelligence agencies in the world for the last ten years and he has cited many examples of such usage. Initially I was skeptical about his assertions until I listened and read carefully and I cross-checked the examples and the events that he cited. After that I was convinced that he was right and ever since then I have acknowledged the fact that we live in an exceptionally dangerous world where only the dullard would rule anything out. Back to the two young men that killed in Woolwich. Were they cultivated, ”programmed” and used by agents of the Illuminati in the British establishment to carry out this gruesome operation and this monstrous sacrifice? It is relevant and interesting to note that the two suspects were not just British citizens of Nigerian descent but that they were both Muslim CONVERTS. That is to say they were both brought up as Christians and then somewhere along the line they converted not just to Islam but to it’s most extreme and radical brand. They became dangerous Islamists that were prepared to kill for their faith. Who cultivated them and took them to this point and how did it get so bad? More importantly will this whole episode not give the western powers and the British people another reason to demonise Islam and target mosques and Muslim clerics? Is that part of the plan and the wider picture? Is the whole idea to create the atmosphere for vicious reprisal attacks against Muslims and Nigerians in the U.K.?

Is all that I have written here far-fetched? You may believe so but I don’t. And neither have I gone mad. The devil is real and the Illuminati is it’s tool for world control and domination. It has been around for years and those that are part of it operate in the deepest secrecy. Yet even if you do not agree with me on anything that I have said here, the questions that I have raised are legitimate and they are indeed food for thought. In this game there are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason and has its own symbolism and purpose. As far as I am concerned only David Icke can crack this Woolwich nut and unravel it’s secrets and I look forward to the day that he does. Meanwhile I pray that the soul of Officer Rigby rests in perfect peace and I urge every Nigerian that is resident in or that is visiting the UK, especially if they are Muslims, to be exceptionally careful in their movements and in their dealings with the British people and authorities. There is FAR more to this whole thing than meets the eye and whether anyone likes to admit it or not, sadly, there will be some kind of backlash against our people at some point.

As for the two British men of Nigerian descent (whose names I refuse to mention) that cut short the life of this brave young and heroic British soldier in the prime of his life for doing absolutely nothing wrong, may they both die a slow and terrible death and may they rot in hell.



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  • Abayomi says:

    Nigeria is a religious country. They go on fasting and praying when they are supposed to used drones on their enemies.
    By the way, if Fani-Kayode writes a book on Illuminati, it will become best-seller, so trying to argue with his propagandists/admirers is a waste of time.

  • Kk dezzy says:

    You all are really blind and very ignorant with what is happening in the world today.
    Even though I don’t particularly like Feminine Fani-Kayode, he has said some very sensible things which only those who are really ignorant of the powers that be and their level of control in the world’s affair would brand as crazy.
    While I can not rule out the fact that the incident was purely just what it was, I also can not rule out the possibility that it was part of a bid scheme and in that respect agree with him.
    So don’t be quick to call someone a nut case simply because you don’t agree with him or because you are ignorant of some facts and information which some are privileged to have.
    Be open to everything, question everything and follow the evidence wherever it leads.

  • abu xakiyyah says:

    Is unfortunate,our people don’t want the truth. This isn’t something about religion. Mr Femi is waking our dying not even sleeping conscience on what is actually hppening the world. Behind d SCENE they control evrything d FREEMASON( Illuminatti). But as they plan, Lord Almighty also plan. And He is d best planner. Surely victory is with d righteos.

  • kennedy says:

    Another market woman-type conspiracy theory. A real disappointment to lawyers all over the world.
    Theory based on time of response(30min), impromptu conference(coverage of event by passer bys with a phone) and interview by an elderly woman.
    Time of response 30min is standard by law enforcement agents. In this era, almost every event irrespective of how sudden it is, cuaght on camera bcos of camera phones. The cold blooded murderers stating their cause is typical(they r on U-tube, websites etc). They always want to be heard.
    Kayode! Please look for better things to do. Your the type in Nigeria that spread conspriracy theory about Buhari and co being behind Boko haram.
    Try to see things the way they really are. There are fible minds in this world that are easily twisted especially by religion.
    Religion is good wether Islam or Christianity. The people that run are the problem.
    God bless Nigeria and purge us of conspiracy theorists like u that like to twist the mind of the thoughtless people.

  • Femi Fani-Kayode, this is sickening. why represent this article which by the way was written by another sick mind like yours as if it were yours. this is the worst case of Plagiarism I have ever seen. I saw this exact same work on twitter where you even cemented on it only to find it here as an original work of yours. people go to jail for this (Plagiarism) just in case you don't know. besides the article is full of trash and stupid conjectures.

    • by the way you are supposed to be in jail for money laundering while you were minister of aviation (i cringe to even imagine you were a minister) so what are you doing out here on social media?

  • ola says:

    Am yet to see anyone who construstively criticised Femi with a Fact. That makes all those who criticise him to be ambiguos ignoramous. Pls Shut up, if you don’t knw what to say.

  • Dan says:

    I have laughed, smiled, chuckled, frowned and sighed at all your comments below. It is a pity that so many people have clothed themselves in ignorance! They simply watch the world go by without being active thinkers and society brainer! No wonder the bible says “my people perish due to lack of knowledge”! That you have lived in the US or schooled there or live in the UK does not automatically put you in the ‘know’ of what is happening in that society, no matter how academically sound you may be. In this world we live in, the Spiritual controls the physical. Almost everything is stage-managed. If you live in London, you should know that there is Police everywhere! The average time it takes a Police patrol to respond to Emergency is 3.5mins! And that particular area in Woolwich is always busy and popular. So there are so many unanswered questions! Just to add, social media is not for people to use abusive and/or offensive words on people. More especially, people that can’t even write a simple sentence without error!

    • lekan says:

      Thank you very much. May God bless you with your comments. There’s this popular notion by the whites as I was told when in school, that; if you want to hide something from an african man (expecially nigerian) write it on paper and give it to him. Because they know he will never read it…lol. Since then it has never stop to amuse me the way some ppl reason @times. Some made very clear his view, instead of reasoning with him or let him be with his opinions they started abusing him. Afterall the man is not talking to everybody am sure, ONLY THOSE WHO CAN USE THEIR SENSE.

  • KALI GWEGWE says:

    Let me remind the writer that serious issues are never built on assumptions. Let him keep quite if he doesn’t have any meaningful thing to say to heal humanity. I can now understand why he hates GEJ with passion.

  • Ikenna says:

    Wtf is this?Why was this rubbish even published?

  • chinyere viviane says:

    Well chief Femi, we appreciate your vigorous defense and investigative quest into the Woolwich killing,indeed you have shown yourself to be a true son of the soil. However, don’t you think you should let up a bit on the conspiracy theory angle?

  • Kenzo says:

    You don’t rot in hell. The pain is unending. A little too much trouble to go through simply to introduce new laws I’d say. What’s all this about Nigerian descent? These boys are products of the British system. Oh, Nigeria is the place to pin this on now? Or is it part of an elaborate plan to cement our image as one of a terrorist nation? God knows the immigration laws that will come out of this. Sadly, you can’t legalise against moral deficiency. If a society is allowed to develop without a strong moral framework, laws, with all their might can’t stop the downfall of such a society. Signs of a failing society. QED

  • anonymous says:

    I think you may want to add the recent happening in Paris to your analogy nd see if things add up

  • Gloria says:

    I totally and completely agree with what this man has written here. Those of u that are busy abusing him are the serious IGNORAMUSES, I live in the UK and have so many ties in the US. We all know that this is how the illuminati operates. The Boston marathon bombings and this woolwich killing is a big conspiracy by both govts of both countries. All of u talking are in Nigeria that’s y u do not know nothing about the illuminati so pls I beg u, just do ur selves a very big favour and research things for urselves even though I know Nigeria is not an Internet friendly country. Those living outside Nigeria are absolutely no strangers to What he has written here, so pls Nigerians, do not let ur ignorance show here, I beg of u pls. Thank u.

    • Intellectuals and their flawed ideology says:

      Hold your peace Gloria! You are making no sense either.
      “nigeria not a friendly Internet country” is not a justification for this rubbish he has written.
      What do you say about those of us who schooled in the US? These write-up are results of long hours spent on watching propaganda tv and reading hogwash books. This is not the first time fani has posted such an appalling controversy.
      From Obama to Donald trump, all I like!
      But once in while, they also preached nonsense, Fani Kayode is not exempted.

  • Michael Diribe says:

    It is a scary thought that this man once held a position of power in our country, if our leaders espouse such incredibly ignoble and ignorant opinions then it is little wonder why we, as a nation, are where we are today.The supposition in this article is mind bogglingly stupid and has not even the slightest bearing on the facts. The opportunity for idle fantasy presents itself in every given event in this life, but when one is foolish enough to actually write an article and invite discuss based on said fantasy, then one has gone off the rails.

  • Michael Diribe says:

    It is a scary thought that this man once held a position of power in our country, if our leaders espouse such incredibly ignoble and ignorant opinions then it is little wonder why we, as a nation, are where we are today.The supposition in this article is mind bogglingly stupid and has not even the slightest bearing on the facts. The opportunity for idle fantasy presents itself in every given event in this life, but when one is foolish enough to actually write an article and invite discuss based on said fantasy, then one has gone off the rails.

  • ha says:

    Femi Fani-Kayode is an idoit. An incurable imbecile, ex-federal minister my ass. This man should be shot, for the integrity of nigerians. Fucking ignoramus. Ode!

  • ebi says:

    If u really believe they were hypnotised, why are praying they should die a painful death and rot in hell?? Mr. Confused writer!

  • Femi Fani-Kayode as usual is just another attention seeker, who loves the sound of his own voice or in this case, the sight of his words. He fancies himself as a great intellectual, a poet and writer. This drivel certainly proves him to be a man of great 'intelligence'.
    What is the correlation between this empty chatter and the Woolwich killing? He asks, "Is all that I have written here far-fetched? You may believe so but I don’t. And neither have I gone mad."
    Yes, Mr man, it is so far-fetched, it doesn't even belong in a fantasy novel. If you cannot see the main issues in this case, then maybe you should ask those who know. It is a big pity you were once a federal minister. Nigeria deserves better than you.

    • Bros dEe! I always enjoy your sponte nous flow of articulate juxtaposing of word… Don't mind the guy! He reminds of a lecturer in Unaab.

    • @Dare, Femi Fani-kayode did not even write this trash… he plagiarized it, can you imagine what your former minister is doing? i read this stupid article word for word on tweeter where he (Femi) even commented on it. he should be in jail for this since our law courts can't jail him for money laundering.

  • tayo says:

    Well after reading the article I really don’t know what to say, but wat I really want to say is that nigerian are very very ignorant about things going on around them. If someone tries to give u and insigth on anything we actually need to sit down and think not type load and loads of abuses or insults. Ur insult doesn’t change anything and it doesn’t add anything to you guys insulting fani kayode. It only shows that there is a large space in you that ignorance has occupied. To every story there ia always an atom of truth. No matter how stupid or dumb the story sound

    • Lekan says:

      Thank you Tayo. i can tell boldly from my experience, 99.9% of those that are abusing Mr Fani for his points are Christians. That’s their way of reasoning…very myopic. Mr Fani have spoken and only those with their sense though not common to all, will reason with it. Let them sit at the backyards of their huts in their village posting rubbish because they have access to internet. NONSENSE!

  • Hrh Olatoye ALowooja Marawin says:

    Lets for a second forget about the woolwich killing… I am certain you are not being ignorant that these same killings happen in my own country (Nigeria), and has been going on foryears for what ever reason (call it tribalism, extremism or terrorism). So please lets not be myopic about the trend of events that happened in Woolwich. Its a shame they were Nigerians, and infact shocking to see such gruesome act. So please lets stop the twisting and educate ourselves more especially on the so called believes that seems to be eluding this planet. I still till today dont understand why people kill in the name of any religion. Condolences to the Families of the victim

  • @Dr. Femi Fani-Kayode: President Obama address the world via all the National media justifying the use of American drones to kill her citizen and anybody that they deem fit to be their enemy.(barely 24hours after the incident) Only people with SIXTH SENSE can/will noticed this.

    • @Ajadi, please tell me what you have just written is a sarcasm. really you can't be taking this write up and Femi seriously. i see Lagos State University beside your name, just give that school some credit if for nothing. pleaaase!!!!

  • kay says:

    I cannot believe this man is a retired Lawyer!! Unbelievable!!!

  • tomi says:

    This article is so inaccurate and pointless.first. Police didn’t arrive 30 minutes has uve claimed after d 999 call but they arrived 19 minutes after.d normal police came 9mins after d call bt d firearms policemen came 10 minutes after d normal police.d incident happened at 2.20 not 2.30 like u claimed.its so sad that a country full of intelligent ppl is also full of idiots.maybe next time sir u can get accurate information before writing such a stupid article.these boys are just brainwashed Muslim extremists not any illuminati stunts.so disappointed that a man like you will write something so inaccurate,so stupid.

  • Eze Emmanuel says:

    Jesus! What a load of crap!….and. this moron was once a federal minister? …..Nigeria! may God deliver us!

  • gina says:

    No illuminati jare, they are Nigerians of Yoruba origin. Terrorists.

  • Isaac says:

    See the issue in nassarawa state killing of police by cult group. Who knows that no one talks to Governor.
    Many have since attributed to deliberate act to kill innocent souls but no one call governor to book since he know the cult as very diabolical and knows also that solder were held capture in two instances but to send police na needs questioning. Not necessary human sacrifices but mistake is mistake.
    Great Nigerians,
    patriotic and compatriot

  • Steve Fakeye says:

    This article is so so far fetched that it bothers on idiocy. It isignorance couched in false sophistication. There were so many inaccurate factual representation that it is even unworthu to to attempt to respond to them

  • benet says:

    To think this man is considered a leader in Nigeria shows the quality of people inhabiting this geographical space. From public statements he has been making,I am beginning to believe Femi Fani Kayode needs help.

  • Joy Castill says:

    There is more to the killing in woolwich by the two nigeria that we people Nigerians need to take seriousç it is so clear that does boys were brain wash for the evil actç and another the british solider most have some important information that might link up to somethingç the delay by the police is so clear that something was been covered up by some people. May God almighty help us.

  • nudayyah says:

    God bless you, what a critical mind. That’s the kind of people we need in Nigeria. May God add to ur wisdom. Amen.

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