Foundation 360 with Eizu: How do we connect with our purpose?


 by Uwaoma Eizu

Everyone has a genius within that might never be discovered. Deep within us is the power to change our own world if only we can find our purpose here on earth and through everything that we do.  But except we connect with our purpose, we may just be struggling to live.

If we judge a fish by its ability to fly and a bird by its ability to swim, then we derail them from their purpose,and they will feel inadequate and unsatisfied for the rest of their lives. Excelling successfully in our purpose is the significance we have to add to life and our world. It is an innate power that can be found within us. Changing our world, life, nation or generation takes the inspiration of a certain breed of individuals who tap into this unique power within them. These are usual people who discover and improve continually on themselves. These are people whose intuition goes to work, while others are at rest; their resilience and automated courage is undaunted even in the face of mind blowing adversity and failure.

There is that power within each of us which refers to an unlimited ability to be all we can be invested in us by the creator. But too bad, most people don’t even know this, so they never use it while living so they never really did live to their fullest. And in the worst case, we grow every day, growing old without growing up only to get us to the end of our lives to realize that we haven’t lived.  We are not just to live and then leave, we are to make a difference, and else you shouldn’t have been born. There’s something special you’re supposed to add to existence. There is a unique part of us, a part that when we find, we can use it to add value in the things we do. It is that things that is different from what’s in every other person.  To find this thing, develop and add value is a major part of our purpose here.  To find it is to find the real you.   Here are a few steps that may help you in finding your purpose.

First of all, imagine if Tuface was a professor, or Pat Utomi was a singer or perhaps an Adeboye as a footballer while Kanu became a Pastor. Would they have added the kind of values they have done in their lives and that of others?

Imagine what your life would be if you made a living without working a day in your life. This isn’t because you don’t have a job.  But because you are paid to do what you love and is passionate about for a living as a job. It is possible. If only you know what your gift is.

It’s sometimes hard to take a pause and notice the little things that matter and give insights to our lives when you live in a busy metropolitan city like Lagos, which I grew up in. There was a phase and time in my life I had to wake up as early as 4 AM so as to beat the notorious third mainland traffic to get to work. I had no car so my only option was to catch an early morning bus. This could be quite frustrating and depressing. This was so till one day, I hopped into one of the Danfos,  a popular Lagos type of commercial bus alongside all of my worries. But I just couldn’t help but notice the driver as he sang to himself in what seemed like the best baritone voice that I have heard.  It was quite striking to me as I watched and listened to him as he sang while driving that early morning. That’s right, he sang! And I don’t mean that he sang softly to himself, either. He sang for the whole bus to hear! I later became acquainted to this tradition as it was delightful to catch my early morning bus with him on the wheels. I later realized how many other people have been blessed by both his voice and his lyrics enough to wait for extra minutes at the busy Lagos bus stop just to catch a ride with him. Also, I realized how all day long he drives and sings.

He was once interviewed later on television. He said that he is not actually a bus driver. “I’m a professional singer who was finding it hard to get a record deal” he asserted. “I only drive the bus as a phase and also to get by. And then I realized that I did get captive audiences every single day until one of them brought me my breakthrough.”

So really, his “bliss” is not driving a bus, though that may be a source of enjoyment for some people while also solving a problem of transportation. But his real bliss and passion was singing. And one of the passengers discovered this “singing bus driver.” And the breakthrough came for both of them, as an artist and as a manager!

This is story of a man who has discovered means as to why he was put here on earth. For him, it is to make people happy and solve a problem, fill a vacuum and add value to himself and others. He found a way to align his purpose in living with his occupation. By following his passion, he actually started living the kind of life he believes he was meant to live ever after.

Everyone can, but not everybody will identify a purpose in life. But when you do, and when you pursue it, you will be living the kind of life you feel you were meant to live. And that’s finding purpose.

Now, these three guidelines stated below can surely help you to find your gift and purpose. Look within you, past experiences, think and find the following:

1. That thing you love to do passionately and also very easily that it feels effortless to you but hard for others to do. (The rapper Jay-z became known for effortlessly making music hits by mere free styling. This surely would remain hard or even a mystery to someone else not gifted in that). Now, think about that one thing that you love to do passionately and also very easily that it feels effortless to you but hard for others to do

2. That thing that you get annoyed or irritated when someone else doesn’t do it well, knowing and being sure that you can always do it better.

3. Then that thing that you’d do even if you’re not paid, you’d still love to do it.

(I bet you that the Argentine soccer star, Messi would have still loved to play football even without being paid. For years the duo of P-square did free shows and even paid show organizers to be on stage. This is love and passion).

We all have a gift and they come in different forms with a variance in different individuals. It has no boundaries; it could be powered by a talent, flair, career, an ambition or even a dream.

There’s a gift within you. Find it, make it work, make a living and make a difference in your life, your world and that of others from it. This is how to find your purpose.

Culled from a soon to be released book, The Lost Manuals.Visit and for more information

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  1. Striking and useful. I see some of us are truely gifted and have found your purpose, maybe to help people find their own purpose, lol. Great. Can't wait for the release of the book.

  2. Striking and useful. You are truely gifted and have found your purpose. It is to help people find their purpose, lol. Great. Can't wait for the release of the book.

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